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    Sorry for my english that not perfect.
    In the summer of 2018, I noticed a significant drop in the desire for masturbation, porn, and that my penis not hard.
    I didn't know what the problem was, so I was researching. All tests went well.
    Unconsciously where is problem was discontinued porn.
    Winter has come. Depressive states came. Lack of energy. Self-esteem has dropped significantly.
    And so I lasted for several months. I will add that during this time maybe I tried once to see porn to see if my penis will be hard.
    he wasn't even 50% hard. As if he were tired of all this.
    March has come. I made love to the girl for the first time. My penis wasn't as hard as it should have been. I also didn't have libido.
    Weeks passed and once it was better, once worse. At that time, my mood and confidence increased. I started exercising, eating healthily. I would add that at that time I didn't have complete morning erections.
    As if from week to week my penis was a little harder (I love the girl once a week)
    In the last 2 months I saw porn once, but it was only fleetingly, it lasted maybe 30 seconds.
    And this month my morning erections started coming back.
    Once there are once they are gone. They were once gone
    Now I'm at the stage where: I don't watch porn (I got sick a year ago), I don't masturbate, I try not to fantasize. My penis is 65% hard once and 90% hard.
    I am not depressed and my self-esteem is already at a decent level.
    I work out at the gym. I make love to a girl once a week. My libido is not at the top yet, but it is not at the bottom.
    Where am I now?
    If I don't watch porn, I won't masturbate and I only make love to my girlfriend once a week ,will I get out of this?
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