I Don't Believe in ED Drugs; I Believe in Herbs & Faith

Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by dirtmeister, May 25, 2017.

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    God created man that we, like the rest of nature, should be fruitful and multiply. That's why we can bust nuts well into our gray years. A 70 year-old man died yesterday while livestreaming himself fapping, and here are many of us wondering if our plumbing will even work 30 years from now.

    Perfection is an ideology we strive for but seldom achieve. If you find that after stopping PMO you still suffer from ED or that you're unable to stop PMO at all despite numerous attempts perhaps there's variables in you're equation that you aren't considering.

    If anyone is interested we can arrange so that I send you encapsulated sexual vitality herbs directly from Africa called "Givers P" (you can Google it) that have helped me a lot in the fight against PIED and I believe can help you also. These are the kinds of herbs that were likely included in our diets back in the old days but are absent from modern artificially-based recipes. Drudge Report recently featured an article where scientists said they've identified 28.000 (and counting) plant species with medicinal properties, basically meaning there's a cure for everything in nature. If you want to go out and hardbang a prostitute tonight this probably isn't for you, but if you want to tackle this issue from an organic level, which I think most NoFappers are obviously trying to do, then again this approach can help you a lot.
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    Nope, not interested. Bye.
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    You're not the only person reading this journal. Bye bye.
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    Ooh, magic beans.

    Really, it's abstinence from porn that cures PIED. Your brain needs to relearn to be stimulated by a person not dots on the screen. That just takes time and a little patience.
  5. dirtmeister

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    It's not magic beans; it's herbs to help you expedite your recovery. I've personally seen progress while using this product even though I haven't been able to stop PMO completely. ED pharmaceuticals will help you perform for one night, but they don't actually heal you, and afterwards you'll be in a worst place then when you started, especially if you use them regularly. And PIED isn't all mental; there's a physical aspect to it also, obviously. "Magic beans" is more like believing a physical illness has a mental cause, and I hate it when people tell me or anyone else that has a physical sickness they're visibly suffering from that it's 'all in their head.'
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    Hi finallyfree,

    I honestly don't know if you're a porn addict in recovery or a salesman, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

    Nevertheless, you've made some kind of advertisement for products to sell (whether they are efficient or not, I don't really care), and this is the last time you do this, or I'll ban you for spamming. Please note I understand "advertising" in a broad sense, so just don't talk about your herbs again and we'll avoid any trouble in the future. This is a porn addiction recovery forum, not a marketplace.

    That being said, if you're a recoverer like everyone else here, you are much welcome on this forum and I wish you the best on your journey.
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    All of the men in this forum who have gone a long period of time without falling to P are a daily inspiration to me. I don't care whether you remove me or not. This is more about awareness than trying to sell a product. This forum is dominated with the tone of a self-defeated p*ssy cuck, not men who have overcome the biggest addiction of their lives. I wish you all the best in the continued resistance.

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