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Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by plateau325, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. plateau325

    plateau325 Never Give Up!

    Day 7: I MO'd today! nooo!!! I am so dissapointed in myself.. I was just lying in bed and I started to get hard.. I've been so stressed lately with exams that i needed to release so bad.. I literally stopped fapping 5 times.. but kept going until it was too late.. It mustve been caused by several nude pics I looked at earlier in the day, I wanted to test my willpower and I had succeeded! I turned my computer off and overcame the urge to watch porn.. but NOW this! I need to do better.. I will do better!

    I think I might try throwing my pc out the window... It seems to be the cause of all my problems.. THAT, or moving somewhere where there is little technology such as an island, but that may be a little too drastic XD

    I'm soo sick of this...

    I will NOT give up!
  2. Spangler

    Spangler Member

    Too bad, but you can set it right. The best thing to do with relapse is to learn from it--what needs to change so that it doesn't happen again? For one, this "testing your willpower" thing sounds like a rationalization to look at nude pics/porn. If you really want to test your willpower, try not looking at them at all. Most importantly, don't binge. A relapse is a setback but doesn't set you back to zero, especially when it's MO instead of PMO. A binge, though, would set you back a lot further.
  3. plateau325

    plateau325 Never Give Up!

    Yeah I have a history of binging.. it's definetly not beneficial. I didn't binge this time thankfully but for it not to happen again, i think the only thing i will have to do, is get rid of my laptop... I always find a way to unlock the many blocks i put onto my computer.. I almost went to the extent of reformatting my cpmputer in order to get access to porn.. ENOUGH is enough. I will finish my school work and once I'm done, I will sell my laptop and use the internet at a public library. I need to make new connections with real people and stop hiding behind a screen..

    I came across a beautiful video the other day about how technology such as cellphones/computers/ipads etc are ruining our lives.. Taking away our interpersonal skills and putting us in a world where we don't talk anymore.. I'd invite anyone to watch this video. I will post it here.

    Enjoy :)

  4. Mr J

    Mr J Guest

    Same love Elliott's videos! If you like concepts and self-development you might also like some RSD, infinite waters, Goldjacketluke and Alan Watts just to name a few :)

    I love that video, makes me feel sad because I have deleted Facebook, yet everyone else seems to be plugged in.
    Made me think about online dating, apart from older people who feel lonely etc, that entire market exists because people with low self esteem/social skills don't want to go out and meet people.

    Facebook is surely a massive cause of this. It's laughable almost like trying to solve porn induced erectile dysfunction with MORE porn when you didn't realise porn is the problem. Trying to solve social isolation caused by technology with MORE technology.

    "I will see my laptop" Dude. This is such a revolutionary concept. Maybe it shouldn't be. But since I got my girlfriend to take my smartphone and install K9 using her password I've been forced a little to do more and more socializing when at one time I thought "whaa no smartphone, is that even possible?"

    You've inspired me to leave my laptop at my girlfriends.

    Imagine how amazing life can be without technology in the way.
  5. plateau325

    plateau325 Never Give Up!

    Thanks bud! Yeah i truly believe that technology has gotten in the way insofar as limiting our capabilities and submerging us in a visual world that consumes us in a way... I wish technology was not so addicting.. the internet per se, has a mind of its own and it drags the most vulnerable into it and seldomly does it let them leave this endless void of misery... All that to say, I wish i never found porn... I wish porn never existed! I curse the day porn was made...

    Sorry for not posting.. I;ve been going through a hard time lately and I am also trying to stay away from my computer asmuch as possible... Whenever i'm around my computer.. I turn into a different person.. it's like a dr jekyl and Mr Hyde situation where when i get close to my computer, I become Mr Hyde and do whatever it takes to mess upmylife.. I troll the internet.. and eventually jerk off..

    I am definetly not cured, but I must not give up.. This is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life...

    this week, I am going to tellmy closest friends what I am going through and that I need support.. because i don;t think i can do this alone anymore...
  6. Mr J

    Mr J Guest

    Do it man, everyone I've ever told about my addiction has been cool about it :)

    Maybe set limits on your internet time? So like 1 hour and then you shut it down no matter what e.g.

    Congrats on 8 days btw dude!

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