I am so mad at psychologists and psychiatrists

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by UsernameTaken, Oct 7, 2013.

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    why is striveforpurity getting so much hate? he isnt pushing his beliefs he is stating them. and he happens to be right, probably makes the most sense of everyone. and people say we have a strong community of lgbt on here? well what if we had a scat or beastiality group we gotta accept them too? or child molesters?
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    I think psychologist and general care docotors are way to "general" and try to stick to social norms too much (for example "how's your job going Jimmy" "oh I heard your brother is starting tomorrow night" to ever really apporach the topic of PMO.
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    I am no fan of the drug industry but have had good experiences with psychologists (though not porn related). I have also previously seen a psychiatrist who recommended that I did not take medication for my anxiety. This may be the minority experience of course, but I have had regular doctors more keen to prescribe medication than any other health professionals.

    There are a lot of ignorant, bigoted views being aired on this thread apparently from a fundamentalist christian perspective. Incredible that the word pseudoscience is being used here in the same breath as claims that masturbation is unnatural or that porn "leads to" homosexuality. (I don't know which is worse; the fact that it doesn't or the implication that homosexuality is apparently the worst thing imaginable. ::)

    Also for the record, people are animals. But so far the only ones that got ideas above their station. ;)
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    Its a discussion board to discuss how to approch things that many have access too, help from professionals need to be defended. - and I agree it should also be cautioned. striveforpurity makes blanket claims withouth any understanding which will help no one that visits. After I succesfully "refuted" two of his replies he can't do anything but turn to other claims, obviously asking for more refuting ;D, apprerntly "I have nothing to say", bit of a hypocrite. And apprently TV documentaries can't bias anything, because its on tv.

    I wouldn't put sexual perferance in the same group as child molesters. One it is natural and legal, the other is completey screwed up and illegal.

    Things are simply not this black and white, but shades of grey.

    Didn't I already state that that drugs can be too easily prescribed and used incorrectly?
    End of the day, its so true that drug companies want to sell as many drugs as possible, and doctors will 'treat' as many patients as possible and claim from their 'HMO'? The other side to it is there are people with genuine menital health problems that have benifited from such help; I've seen it first hand with someone I know.

    Fortunity I live in Europe where doctors are not quite so induced by how much they can make from an insurer (hopefully). Yes; drug is higher than it should be, its so easy for doctors to write a prescription withouth help from a therapist of some type. The system sometimes helps and sometimes doesn't. Whats the alternative? as some of us seem to be saying that drugs and any help is bad. Well wake up to reality; to geninualy mentally ill people. And we ain't just talking about some mild depression.

    From what I've seen I don't see evil or psedo anything here.
  5. Thank you neweggs for the balanced view. Believe it or not many psychologists and social workers wold agree with the criticisms of the perscription drug culture industry that some folks here are addresing.

    I think that this thread also raises the topic of feeling anger or hate towards a form of suffering and directing it outwardly instead of directing it towards self investigation and positive growth.

    Culturally speaking it is easy to blame an entire group but be careful when you take a personal experience and generalize. Therapists are not paid to push drugs but psychioatrists can prescribe for those that are out of control (who could harm themselves or others) and medications can help. The system is out of balance and everyone knows that.

    Porn addiction is only now being studied and believe it or not you will begin to see effective treatments from psychologists that might be able to help you soon.

    Also again most therapists barely scrape by and do not "rake it in". I understand the frustration about the drug industry but if you think you might like to live in a world where talking to a professional (and thats all) could be more helpful and more widely practiced than please refrain from attacking therapists. There are those who talk and help and those who try to fix problems with pills. Both can work and both can have flaws, we are all very human.
  6. over_it

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    Yes, I agree. I have also seen psychiatrists who are critical of overdiagnosing and medication. I think practitioners do differ, though you may need to see several to find the right one.

    I do think drug companies have far too much power over the medical profession and of course it is in their interests to create and market drugs to more people whether it will help them or not. One of the most disturbing trends is the medication of young people and children. I know at least one girl who at around the age of 15 was put on medication for anxiety without first having proper counselling (which was probably all she needed).

    Having said that I know several people who take SSRI medication for anxiety or depression who swear it has helped them and who say they are much worse off without it. Of course it could be placebo but who am I to judge? I just know it is not for me.

    And you're right, it is the system that is out of balance.
  7. fugu

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    Fantastic response.
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    At $125/hour session I doubt any therapists I've seen are making only $30K/year.
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    Striveforpurity is classic. On another thread he was defending the idea that Jesus Christ is savior of the world, and if you don't accept it you are done for.

    Sounds familiar - drug companies pedaling BS, prescriptions are handed out, money is made.

    Religion - large cults pedaling mythological BS, children indoctrinated, controlled, and frightened over years and years. Cash raked in. Kids visit psychiatrist, prescription is dealt, etc. A hideous cycle that no doubt explains the troubles of many youths today.

    I myself have never been prescribed drugs for anxiety or the like, and embraced the belief that they are not needed.

    Ken Kesey, author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, used to take psychedelics and visit the mental ward of a hospital. He felt that many of these people were merely misunderstood, and were otherwise normal individuals who were pushed to the fringes by society. I think this is very often the case with young children.

    I am a huge advocate of mushrooms/LSD, in the right set and setting, and with a guide if possible. This cannot be stressed enough. I too have had very bad trips, but it was because of my own foolish lack of preparation and education. However, good trips can leave you with profound wisdom about the mind, life, and other people. Very quickly you can begin to understand anyone, if you think about what it is that they may be thinking.

    Many people and health professionals are not yet aware of the no-PMO system, but I think they will in time. It's amazing how so many men show up to this message board with one major habit in common.

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