I almost killed myself!!!

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    Started masturbating @13, only 2 sensation and 2 pictures nd smtimes 2hot glz on tv on a daily till 18 yrs! Suddenly @18 finally hd access 2 high speed porn, this was christmas I thought. I could watch any gl I wntd? wow. Nd not 2 long I escalated 2 deeper porn and @ 21 I hd seen everythn.

    By nw I hd nver hd a gf nd ws insecure. I noticed my erections were bcmng weaker bt I thought it ws junk food or lack of exercise. So I tried prostitute 2 c bt I failed time nd again so I ws depressed. The porn did not stop it jst go more explicit.

    @24 during winter my penis ws 4the first time motionless nd all shriveled up 4a month!!! Surely this ws a problem as I had desires of having a wife someday. The stress was so much I ws shaking.

    I looked for solutions on the internet wen I found out about PIED. Wen I was reading abt hw porn affects it felt like somebody hd a camera nd ws watchin me all these years coz I could relate to everthn. I WS happy tht I WS nt alne nd that there is a cure.

    Hwever as I WS reading the posts they weren't convincing they always hd a but and even some ppl went years without cure. My situation seemed worse and I could not c away out. SO I DECIDED I WS GONNA KILL MYSELF, STRAIGHT UP! Bt all these suicide methods I knew seemed painful, so I kept postponing.

    Meanwhile the porn continued deeper until @26 I decided to stop porn. At a time I had a job that kept me busy. I always lied 2 ppl abt my women experience so I got along with other guys

    One day @27 years I invited a gl from work 2my place, I mean I thought shed say no bt she ddnt. She hd feeling 4me so she came nd we watched a movie nd I tried 2 hv sex nd she said NO. Bt I ws hppy coz I could still keep my ED a secret bt within 3 months we were a couple and in sleeping terms. So I tried and came in UNDER a minute with a soft boner!! Damn I WS exposed. She was very angry so I had to explain about PIED nd that ws humiliating hey. But u knw wat? She was so in love with me she was willing to help me out.

    Man this girl ws jst perfect 4 my situation. Finally 27years old I had my first girl nd we've been together 4 more than a year now nd the sex has unproved a lot. Last weekend we had 8 rounds in 2 days nd she came in each one. Man I even have days wen I hv more sexual capacity then her. We have fun me nd this girl nd to thnk I almost killed myself thinking I'd never be cured. Nw I'm cured nd I did not even c a doctor 4 it!!! Wow, life...

    I never thought I'd ever be able to maintain a relationship or ever father kids bt now I'm in a relationship. I finally know hw it feels like for someone to say I love u over the phone. After all this girl has done for me, I hv no intentions of ever leaving or cheating or her even though I am cured to a point that I feel that I can hv sex with any other girl.
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    Bruh I am like u and had suicidal thoughts because of pied. I’m wondering how u cured it and how long did it take?

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