Hyperhidrosis and PMO

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    Hey guys, new to the site so I'm just gonna get right into it.

    I am 23 years old, and overall very healthy with my diet and I workout 6 days a week.
    Anyone with hyperhidrosis knows how it effects a person's daily life so as you can imagine it has effected mine, but overall my quality of life is great but I do have mild anxiety.
    • I myself have been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating and primarily in my underarms. I wasn't diagnosed until I was 17 but the sweating started right around the time of 6th grade for me.
    • Usually always my sweating comes in due to social situations as I get anxious or nervous, and my underarms get drenched.
    • I have tried a lot of different avenues regarding treatment from deodorants to oral prescriptions, and botox, with my prescription being my best results.
    • I have looked into natural remedies and have tried to supplements things into my diet, I found that magnesium has also helped significantly after taking magnesium for 3 weeks 400mg a day.
    • For masturbation and porn, pretty much every day about 2-4 times since I discovered what porn and masturbation was early on in 4th grade.
    • I would honestly masterbate just to get to sleep quicker but that habit collapsed on itself as my body thinks it needs to feel so relaxed to fall asleep.
    • There are times when I have had sex where when my significant other at the time left, I would masterbate and I never really saw this as a problem but I realize it is a big problem haha.
    After doing my research on hyperhidrosis, I really didn't start to make the connection of my my pmo addiction and my sweating until seeing other research by people and their success.
    So I am undergoing the process of no PMO with today being my first day, and I plan to keep going until I see success or failure.
    So with the research I've done on how porn effects the brain ( I know porn is blamed for a lot of things with no evidence backing the claims made ) I was really surprised to see the claims and reports.
    I've wondered if there was a connection from when I started porn and when my hyperhidrosis surfaced which took about two years. It's interesting how porn rewires the brain so there really must be a connection for me or I hope. No one in my family has this condition which I always thought was weird because doctors say it is potentially genetic. With doing this i am trying to get to the root of my problem not cover it up with a band-aid aka treatments

    So as stated I want to keep this going for as long as possible until I see real results or if any with really the only complications being that I do have a girlfriend but she is supportive of me abstaining as she knows how this has effected my life so I will update you guys as best as I can. Wish me luck, stay tuned!
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    Hi, welcome to YBR!

    I've never heard about porn making you sweat more, but if the condition is exacerbated by being nervous, which is how you described it, then porn might influence the condition my giving you social anxiety. Do you notice that you are generally more nervous when you use porn that when you don't?

    I would be cautious about getting your hopes up. I'm not saying that rebooting won't help your hyperhidrosis. But then again it might not. Rebooting is not a panacea. It will only help conditions that are caused by compulsive porn use. If your hyperhidrosis is not caused by porn, then unfortunately rebooting won't help you much. As far as your condition. Quiting porn by itself, however, has plenty of benefit outside of your condition, so I would still recommend you stick to it even if it doesn't clear up your excessive sweating.

    Welcome again to the site, and please keep us updated about your journey! I'm interested to hear about your results.
  3. ghost333

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    Hello and thank you for the welcome!
    I had not either heard of porn making you sweat more until I saw some posts on this site as well as others and came across a pdf of someone who had great success, I'll have to find it and post it.
    I would confirm that I am more nervous but I am usually habitual with my porn usage everyday. Thank you for the insight as well! I am hopeful but I will keep being cautious in mind, regardless I want to cut out porn completely because there are great benefits!

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