How to resist the "URGE"

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    The "URGE" is the strong feeling of being drawn back to commit PMO. Most people in this community will tell you to hit some squats or leave your house to be able to flee from the temptation of PMO'ing. Though it works to hit squats or leave your house to resist, it isn't good for the long run. When you were a kid, your parents would tell you the best way to get over a fear is to embrace what the fear was. For example, if you were afraid of heights, you would go to a high place and embrace the feeling of nervousness and anxiety to get over the fear. This same logic can be used to be able to slowly numb the strong urges throughout the process of quitting. So when your at home and the spark hits you to PMO, embrace the feeling of excitement and talk to yourself or write about the feeling your experienceing until the "URGE" simply goes away. By utilizing this method you will rid the addictions power over you little by little until the "URGE" is very weak.
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    Dear swagger25...
    Excellent !!! A very good post.!!!

    In fact 'seeking' to divert or find a hobby would only make the PMO more precious that what it is.
    Besides while you are out your mind will say all sort of things to you that you would undermine your pleasure. So also with doing exercises and squats. At some point you'd need to use your willpower to keep doing the exercises and guess what happens when it hits the low frustration tolerance ( LFT) level ? are just straining at the leash.

    Thoughts-Urges-Cravings. TUC. The right place to stop C is at the T level. But what NOT to do at T level is (i) ignore thoughts (ii) fight thoughts and (iii) try NOT to think a thought. What DOES work is - quickly self talk yourself which puts you in (i) an elated mood and (ii) at the same time subtly suggests the past PMO slavery. " Yipppeeee! Do don't HAVE to PMO no more. I am free !!!. I am not a slave. Great". And move on !!!.
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    Needed this thanks.

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