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Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by Psychosis, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. My problem with internet usage is that it's unavoidable for me. I run my own small insurance agency and I have to be on it pretty often. It's a love/hate relationship sometimes. LOL. My eyes get tired from all the reading I have to do related to my industry, plus e-mails, on-line applications, newsfeeds, carrier websites, trade journals, etc. etc. etc. I really don't use the net for entertainment very much at all, although I do have Netflix streaming through my network to my TV.
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    Same here. :-\
  4. I'd rather use the net for informational/help purposes rather than a tool for curing boredom. I still watch lots of Youtube videos though, before bed.
  5. Re: Using the internet for non-porn-related things too much--What to do about it.

    I think everything you have listed above is what I am addicted to. Not just Youtube and all that crap but the over stimulation of information, finding out anything I want at any given moment. This is the addiction. You get hooked. For me, I need to stop looking at anything on the internet all together. I plan to only use the internet for my work, bank, booking a holiday, finding potential clients etc... Anything else needs to go in the bin, our brains are not designed to study 60 different subjects, trying to retain all the information you spam your mind on everyday with this crap is not good. The addiction for me is 'finding new and novel information on just about anything'.

    And as a side note, I read somewhere that Television, 'drama and film' are passive and therefore don't have that addiction qualities that the internet has, TV Documentaries on the other store, evaluate evaluate, remember remember, get more.

    Just be careful, and be open minded to what the internet can do to you. Yeah you may be reading about entheogenic plants but you need to retain that information on top of everything else. Do what you do, and do it well, for purpose and meaning, to earn a living or to better others for the right reasons, otherwise it's just another distraction like Youtube.

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