How to precisely keep reality exciting forever

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by health, Mar 22, 2015.

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    Internet is probably one of the most great TOOL created. Like all tools it can turns to a distraction. And distraction = destruction, of who ? Yourself. My head is full of ideas, projects, I want to reach them. But the thing is there are fears, stress and all negatve thougths that make reality "shitty". But reality is just reality. And I know that it can be also magic, I experienced that. Like all of us here I can bet. So we have to remain focus on the achievement of our challenges. THAT IS WHAT MAKES LIFE EXCITING. For example: A game without fear or stress isn't exciting. But your will to win or to play IS just the element that makes you grow at a new level. But you have to know how to move, what is the goal, what is your means. You have to be disciplined all day every day for the achievement of your goals.

    But there are always ONE TINY THING that make you feel uncomfortable. In my case it's the girls: they look at me, they talk to me. Well it's ok I guess I have the chance to be attractive or sth. BUT all I want is this wonderful girl and achieving my own projects !! Getting laid is a cultural conditioning in which I actually feel alone and rejected (all you want of kinda shitty feelings) and yes I have to say I isolate to remain faithful to myself (but yet I have friends, I can speak in public, with strangers). THIS IS for me the TINY THING that made all my dreams fall when I actually was able to achieve them. Now I have to LIVE IN THE PRESENT.

    So I found 6 great classes TO BE MYSELF once and for all !!

    #1 Health

    #2 Managing the negative environment

    #3 Working with passion

    #4 House

    #5 Financial freedom

    #6 Consuming good mental food

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    Focus on achieving your own projects and the right woman will waltz into your life. No point on focusing on something so vague and not measurable like: "wanting wonderful girl".
    And if you want to undertake and complete any proejcts just take steps towards that goal and everything else should sort itself out.
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    Now you have this information, it is fitted.
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    This is good info.
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    Unless your project is starting at least one conversation per day then it's horrible advice

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