How to live again after close to 15 years of masturbation

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    Hello everyone. I am a chronic sufferer of intense masturbation since I was 20 years old. Now I am 36, no girlfriend, weak erections that doesn't last more than a few minutes, premature ejaculations, severe pains in the groin (postrate region) weak and shaky muscles, floaters like never before, intense pains in joints that can't make m do any work @ all. I seriously don't know why they I carried on with this habit for years seeing as how much damage I have done to my body. I don't know where and how to start a recovery process because its so difficult to do so. I need help seriously from you guys. I can't keep this up for much longer. I am in pains daily and do not know how to solve my problem. What advice can you give me to start living like a man again? How can I boost my confidence to stop indulging in this habit any more? How can I recover from the debilitating ailments affecting me? Please help 's brother out.
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    The first advice I would like to give is to make a commitment to post regularly in your journal. You can overcome the addiction, but you will face difficulties along the way. Too often people write a few posts, have a relapse and never come back. That is such a pity. Posting here in your journal, reading about the struggles and success of others, asking and giving advice, all of that is so helpful and will help you to shape and live the life you want to live.

    My second advice would be as a first step to find out why you started using porn in the first place. What function does it have in your life. For me, and many others, porn amd masturbation is a way to deal with stress. A way to try to change our emltional state and we basically have to mature in dealing with emotions. Try to find the patterns of your addiction. When and why do ypu use it. Some great reading material on this you can find on recoverynation
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    @Cris gregory

    You are assuming that because you have done something for 15 years, that that will spoil your future or that that sets different obstacles up to people who don't have your background.

    At the risk of sounding harsh, this is an excuse. Praise your mind for its trickiness!

    This may be your 'unique' excuse.

    I believe every person is attached to a style of excuse. Mine was "poor me, look at my life, my parents did this, I didn't accomplish that thing last year because of----" and the train begins and the genuine horror of addiction is these excuses. See my post on Radical Self Love which is about stopping this train.

    You will actually find it tougher to drop the excuse than it is tougher to quit porn.

    In dropping the excuse, what this translates as is as follows: you are killing off a part of yourself. The end.

    No, not a 'transition' or 'evolution,' no, an END to something. A death.

    For some people, this may be scary to ponder or just a romantic idea.

    If you want to quit porn, you must murder and then burn your treasured excuse.....But not recklessly nor with mixed intent.

    When something dies, something else is birthed.

    Self-help always focuses on the latter and totally ignores the former, or discounts the former, or ignores the former.

    This takes a degree of time for your being to be ready for. You cannot 'just do it.' That would be childish and disrespectful to your being. But in time you will be ready for this execution, and perhaps a ceremony or devised symbolic ritual is to be put in place to reflect this.

    This is a potent step.
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    Thank you both for your advice. It's cb een a difficult path trying to stop myself all the times especially when I still my mind that I will nto indulge in masturbation again, and before I say Jack Robinson, I have gone back to my old habits of doing it one a day. It's not easy to curb this monstrous habit. @ least I tried last night not to do it. I even changed my sleeping position and think of something else and not fathom and sexual lewd thoughts that would make me want to do it. Deleted so all sex videos on my device, got rid of the porn sites. It's a new day and I want to start living again. It's going to be a long treacherous road to recovery and I am determined to see it out.
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