How to improve PE after the reboot?

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by BackOnTrack, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. BackOnTrack

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    I rebooted for 90days of no porn and MO and now I started MO again.. everything seems fine I don't feel the urge for porn and I don't feel bad afterwards. The thing is that I now climax way to quick like within 30s and with girls it's the same any experience/advice on that?
  2. well if you have no problem getting it up just go again for another round right afterwards, also are you having sex with a condom or without, for me at least i'll last longer if wearing a condom vs not but obviously without feels a lot better (hence the reason for finishing quicker). Also the more you have sex the more you'll be able to train yourself to last longer by learning different stroking techniques or how to position yourself etc. in order to prolong the act. It most likely due to the fact of you having not masturbated for 90 days lol your gonna be pretty sensitive for awhile but it should even out after some time. GL.
  3. BackOnTrack

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    I just gotta hope it gets better with time.. I guess from now on I'll like condoms. Still they won't help much right now. Maybe I'll try durex performer, condoms that numb.
  4. fugu

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    Yeah, and honestly, practice makes perfect. I know my issues have been, slowly, getting better the more I'm trying it.
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    Reverse kegels, meditation, practice.
  6. Bibbity

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    My husband went from ED to PE and then to normal sexual health slowly over roughly a year. The PE was short lived but he really needed to relax and focus his mind during sex instead of jumping ahead to the possible orgasm. A lot of the stuff we were reading said that ED (not PIED) and PE can be related to too much emphasis on performance during sex and being orgasm focused. When you find yourself getting too excited then relax and take some deep breaths, tune into the sensations in your body and slow down.

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