How to cure my internet addiction?

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by Panxietyinternet, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. Hi YBR,

    how to cure my internet addiction? Do you know any 'how to' list how to cure internet addition?
  2. Meatloaf

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    care to share a bit more about your situation. I don't think there are easy one size fits all instructions.

    If you do find such thing however - please post here...
  3. I've also been trying to do this and i've had some moderate success, even if i still do spend more time than i want (and need) to on the internet. Quitting it outright is possible, but obviously extremely hard and probably not even the optimal solution. The internet is an useful tool; you can, for example, ask people for advice, like on... how to cure your internet addiction... ADVICE INCEPTION!! :p

    But anyways, i think the trick is to do it gradually, to pick a few sites where you can still indulge a bit everyday and consciously try to cut those things that in the end aren't really necessary, even if they are entertaining and of value. I'm currently unemployed so obviously that means alot of free time. But even when i was working, alot of my free time was spent on the internet. Mindlessly browsing, social networking, social media. These things are not necessary, they just aren't. So you can relax, watch funny videos and socialize and communicate with your friends and family more easily. Well... fuck easy! You can do all those things without the internet, and if you don't talk with certain people as much or you don't know everything that is happening, so be it. You don't need to know everything that is happening.

    I would spend an enormous amount of time downloading and watching movies and tv-shows. There's a huge parallel here with porn. Novelty. It's a never ending novelty. So eventually i stopped following stuff. It was hard, i always had the urge to find out what was happening, but i knew i had to let it go. Just let it go. Do stuff for yourself (or others). Do stuff that people can talk about, but don't care that they talk about it. Just do it.

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