How To Be An Alpha Male!

Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by ted93704, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. ted93704

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    Number one, dont ever read articles or posts about how to be more alpha because that is about as beta as it gets. haha
    Of course, writing an article is pretty beta too, huh? So, whats a guy to do? I think it comes down to three things basically:

    1) Confidence! Get your ass in the gym and workout. YOu will have more swagger automatically!

    2) Learn how to use confident body language more often. There are some good boobs on that topic!

    3) Speak slowly! It shows confidence and alpha status! People will be more apt to do what you say as well!
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  2. OU812

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    1) Don't give a F...U...C...K.


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