How important to the reboot is a girl?

Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by John Ball, Sep 6, 2021.

  1. John Ball

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    How important to our reboot is it for us to have physical contact with a girl? Is it beneficial or detrimental? Is it better to just go absolutely cold Turkey for at least three months, and not even try and think about being with a girl, or would being with a girl help or hinder the rewire? What do you think?
  2. CleanBootsBaby!

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    Cold turkey is always the best, based on the opinions I read in so many years. It's no PM>>O<<. At the same time, why lower your esteem / disappoint a partner, when you could be months away from being able to have sex like before?

    OTOH...go figure, I didn't even know that some use the term in this sense: . In my answer above, I considered rather getting out of the flatline. I think I understood your question properly, and that's what you were asking to begin with.

    Additionally, see my answer here: (and read the link it points to).

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    I started having casual sex at two / three months, with the help of sildenfil 1/2 pill. There are different opinions on the forum about having sex and it would be recommended that you see them, I published my experience but I saw other similar ones, I also had stumbles, but without sex I would not have lasted that long. But for me it helps even one to maintain the goal of not needing masturbation or porn, and even realizing how empty porn is compared to real sex, the more you experience real sex and the more time you spend without masturbating and watch porn you will notice that you no longer need to masturbate or porn. It also helped me to be happier, to feel that there is a way out of this, etc, etc. But beyond all, one does this to have real sex, or a "normal sex life" at some point you will have to start and what better way to rewire than by feeling a woman's skin? at some point you will have to start and what better way to rewire than by feeling the skin of a woman? Just analyze your situation, I'll tell you what worked for me, but not all will do the same.

    Forgive my english, i'm a spanish speaker
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  4. John Ball

    John Ball Active Member

    This is really helpful thank you, good links too. I find somewhere down the line I drift into edging and it seems that avoiding this will be key.
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  5. John Ball

    John Ball Active Member

    Thanks man. And your English is excellent.
  6. CleanBootsBaby!

    CleanBootsBaby! Active Member

    You're most welcome! Edging seems to be worse than looking at P and doing the deed fast. It "drowns" your brain in dopamine, I'd suggest avoiding it like plague!
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