How do you stop caring about what people think?

Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by BruceWayne, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. WaveRace

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    There is a difference between caring what people think and receiving feedback or considering their point of view.

    Some guys, and I've done this, put women on a pedestal. Often without fully realizing it. Get all in our head about "I wonder if she likes me"?, "should I ask her out, she might think I'm a dork".

    How do we stop giving a (expletive) what others think? For me, it's that I know myself better than the person who is judging me. Their outside perspective may be relevant, but the power is with me to decide how to process it.

    Someone may think "he's a loser". Is there proof? Maybe, but does the so-called loser really care? Maybe he does. There are endless definitions about what defines a "loser", for example.
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    doesnt matter how well someone knows you, everyone can judge you
    Judging someone is based on facts
    a fat person(40lbs overweight) is fat and if someone say," hey fatso"... they are right, he is a fatso
    -is it a nice thing to say. no

    If someone calls you a dork/nerd./ugly, those are all opinions, lest someone calling you that is not judging, they are just being mean.(sometimes "funny")

    If you are fat and someone calls you fat, should you care?
    well, why would you care? if a nazi appeared and shot that guy in the head and vanished, would you be upset cause he's dead?
    likely not. so dont think about what he doesnt matter how you "process" it, it matters what you do with it, nothing or get upset and think about it.
    don't waste your time "processing it" :D

    I'm not sure how this relates to putting a women on a pedestal?
    Or how putting a women on a pedestal when you arent dating her?
    again, comes down to action, know why girls go out with assholes? cause the assholes ask them out

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