How can I overcome my ED for 1 single occasion? How can I delay/avoid flatline?

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  1. waypoint

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    Thought I'd give you some background information about my ED before coming to the point.

    I've had Porn-Induced ED for a year or so I believe. I started watching porn and masturbating to it at a very regular basis when I was 11 or 12 years old. I'm turning 18 in a few weeks now, and I've had a lot of sexual partners, I'm guessing somewhere in between the 15-20 range. I have always managed to get a strong erection and complete the act successfully, although I've always had problems with lasting too long. Since I turned 16 or so this has been forcing me to sometimes end it without me ejaculating at all. It was not before I turned 17 almost a year ago that I have experienced losing my erection during sex. As it is now, even though I've had sex with several different girls, and sometimes several times with each of them, I have only had an erection during the full encounter and ejaculated on TWO occasion during the last year.

    A few days ago I met a really hot exchange-student from the US (I'm from Norway), at a party, and we hooked up. Safe to say my ED kicked in and I was barely able to penetrate her before I had to admit defeat. We had exchanged numbers beforehand, and we've been texting a lot afterwards. We are supposed to meet in a few days, but just to hang out. She's said that she wants to wait a bit before we have sex again because she wants to get to know me better, which might have bought me a little more time, but even though, I know us meeting again can quickly develop into sex anyways, so I am not too sure.

    Thing is I get extremely turned on during foreplay. As long as we lay in bed kissing and touching eachother I get just as hard if not harder than I get when watching porn. (The porn I view has progressively evolved into being very hard-core). Going down on her, or just touching her down there, also keeps my erection up. (Foreplay gets me hard with any girl, not just her). It's not before things develop things start going south. I can enter her when fully erect, but after a few seconds of thrusting, if not a little longer, I feel myself going soft inside her.

    I hadn't watched porn or masturbated since a few days before the aforementioned occurence, and I haven't watched since. That means I'm basically a week or so into my no PMO. I am determined to have sex with her again before she goes back home, but the problem is she is done with her schoolyear over here, and will be going home in under a month. This means I will not be able to fully finish the rebooting process before she is going home. Basically I will have to try to quickly overcome my ED somehow, if only for this one time only. I don't know why, but as I mentioned before I get extremely turned during foreplay, so I will try to incorporate this into the act itself, and see how it goes.

    But my real problem is the following: What if I flatline? I am extremely worried continuing on my rebooting in fear of flatlining before I am with her. Should I masturbate (without porn), every now and then to keep my libido going? Would masturbating while fantasizing about her and me having ordinary, standard sex be beneficial? I mean that would "train" my brain to associate an orgasm with her or w/e? I am really into her, and often think about us having sex, besides I get a 100 percent erection from just fooling around with her, so why am I unable to perform when push comes to shove? Should I try to delay the sex a couple weeks longer into my reboot, although I am not going to be able to fully complete it? A short and incomplete reboot has to be better than nothing at all?

    Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. gameover

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    Guess it comes down to short term loss for a long term gain.

    You have had plenty if partners and only recently had full on ED so I wouldn't expect a long drawn out flat line or major change in libido.
  3. waypoint

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    You say that you don't expect me to have a long flat line. Does that mean you believe my entire rebooting process is going to be shorter than what is usual? Do you think that because I've had a lot of real partners during my very heavy use of PMO, that it could shorten the time of the rewiring process, since its already "wired" sort of, just being severely overshadowed by PMO?

    I am also wondering if this could be PA? If going from hard-core fetish porn is what preventing me from getting erect from vaginal penetration, why in the world am I getting 100% hard laying in bed kissing? This is why I believe it might have something to do with that. On the other hand this is something that recently occured last year and why would I suddenly go from having no PA whatsoever, to experiencing it every time? That is why I believe it has something to do with PIED instead of PA, but I really have no idea, it's a very weird situation.
  4. Gruznbyrg

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    Having an erection when fooling around and then losing it when it comes to sex isn't uncommon here. I can only speculate why this could be. It might be simply that excitement is diminished over time (the thought of sex is more exciting than the thing itself). It might be that you get a bit nervous when it comes to sex and your arousal isn't enough to overcome it. It could be that because it's happened before you're now anxious about it so it keeps happening.

    Because you get aroused and can get an erection you might consider going to the doctor and getting some viagra/levitra/cialis/whatever. It's likely that it will make keeping your erection effortless and then you can relax. I would guess that if you stay away from porn and build up some success with women you'll get over this. Most doctors will give you a prescription without any trouble if you just explain that you've lost your erection before and are worried about it.

    On the other hand you don't NEED it and I think you could also take it slow and build up trust and success without it.

    Good luck.

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