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    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to stop by and say Hi!
    I’ve had PIED since i was 20.
    Longest reboot with no P or MO was about 4 months last year.
    Really not sure if I could start dating now?
    How do you know when you’re ready to start having sex?
    I’ve worked hard to get here and don’t want to screw my progress cuz I got too excited too early lol

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    Time it takes to heal from PIED varies from person to person and according to how long you have PMO'd, how often you PMO'd and how extreme your PMO habits got. 4 months may be enough for some, not enough for others. There are some signs that usually accompany the return of sexual function: morning erections and the return of wet dreams. However the only real way to know for certain is to try to have sex and see what happens. You might let your partner know ahead of time that you have struggled with PIED in the past so there will be less pressure to perform. Hope this helps!
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    Yes I’ve read about that.
    It stinks that you don’t actually know until you try and have sex.
    But I feel there have to be some general guidelines!
    I think Gabe Deem once said:
    - Take the Test: masturbating to feeling and then M’ing to Porn. Im getting a boner on the first though I don’t know how easily one should achieve it?
    - You should feel aroused when around real girls. Honestly not getting much... Though I think it may be the trauma and performance anxiety? Really not sure ...
    - Morning wood: getting that throughout most of the week.
    - Get spontaneous boners: sooomtimes... not as much!
    - Wet Dreams: never had any in my life !!
    - He said something about semen leakage when you take a dump or piss: never had that and pretty sure if it happens there’s something clinically wrong with you !!
    - Being able to hold an erection during intercourse: I’ve had sex several times. Most times I’ve been successful. Some positions don’t work for me that well at times.
    - The timeframe between # of times you have an orgasm during sex shortens. Ie you’re able to have Sex more frequently. This is were I go wrong! I have sex once and then don’t feel like having sex again until a week or two! Don’t think I’ll get hard. The few times I’ve tried I wasn’t completely hard.

    The other issue I have is most of the times I came too fast lol! I guess it’s normal if you’ve spent a few weeks or months without sex or masturbation.

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