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    Hi guys

    I was addicted to porn for almost 15 years (im 29 now) and developed serious PIED. I never had successful sex (guess why) and i think that my brain is rly f...d up because of that. Im rebooting for almost 1,5 month now and im getting some serious morning (or even night) wood, although it rarely last longer than few minutes. Now ive recently met a wonderful girl and want to rewire with her. Is morning wood sign that im doing ok? My dick is quite big and i rarely get 100% hard erection. Also i often fantasize about this girl when i get an erection (no fapping, almost no touching). Am i doing this right?
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    Have morning wood is a sign that your penile function is returning, but you can't know for sure until you try to have sex. Since you are in the beginning of the relationship, I recommend taking slow... being romantic instead of pushing for sex. This will give your brain time to rewire to your girlfriend. Please be aware that PIED may take months, even a year or more to reverse. It may be worth it to tell her about your problems so that when sex does come into your relationship, you won't feel pressured.

    If you ED symptoms are caused by porn, though, rebooting will reverse them. Keep up that streak!
  3. TicoTaco

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    Thanks for reply i will keep up the streak! Im pretty sure its because of porn cuz i didnt had problems when i was fapping. I just hope the girl will understand this and we can go through this together.

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