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    Hey guys, so i'm new here.

    Long story short, like most of us, I suffer from PIED and i'm quite frankly tired of it! I've been with quite a few women in the past and strangely enough, none of them has ever let the issue deter them from pursuing a relationship with me, but i've had it.

    What got me to this point?
    My last girlfriend and I just broke up. That's fine, we had good sex, on occasion (mostly due to my inconsistency)... I'm okay with her moving on, because so am I. It was a long distance relationship and we were both kinda seeing other people. Oddly enough, what hurts me the most is knowing that, while our sex was sometimes good, I could have been much better. I'd sometimes have to put on porn just to stay erect, and that would sometimes make her feel insecure (though i was always decent enough to let her know it was my issue and not hers).

    Now i'm with this new girl, and while she's cool with the inconsistency (as of right now), I just need to get this (sorry for my language here) fucking shit out of my brain once and for all. Enough is enough and i've had it. I've tried once or twice before, but doing it on my own obviously is harder said than done. We've been talking about moving in together so i'm hoping it's something we can do as a couple, but what other words of encouragement can you offer a very obviously frustrated 27 y/o.

    Brief history:
    I was a sheltered kid so I always had to sneak and watch porn so I could pretend to be cool when the other kids were talking about it. I got addicted, and being sheltered, I didn't go out much so there was never any girlfriend interaction, hence masturbation. It was my best friend until I realized the damage it had done. While i still have good sex on occasion, I think I owe it to my partners (now and future), to be a better man.

    Thanks for reading my story.
    The guy who thinks it's time_to_quit

    Ps. I suffer from depression, so that plays a part in me relapsing and giving up the few times i've tried in the past. I live in a very poor country where depression is not taken seriously, so it's a little hard to deal with.

    For anyone who needs the details for comparison:
    1. When I use a condom, I have no sensation downstairs.
    2. When a condom is off, sensation is there but only certain positions keep me stimulated (for a few minutes)
    3. If during sex I try to change positions, my libido usually dies down and I have to re-stimulate myself (which doesn't always work).
    4. Kissing and foreplay sometimes gets me stimulated, but the erections usually die down in a matter of minutes (like 1 or 2)
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    2 days clean and no hint of P or M. Just spoke to my ex and she told me part of her decision to move on was that we never really got to fully enjoy our sex life. While that hurt deep down inside, it also gave me a jolt to get this shit down right. 2 days, and going strong!
  3. time_to_quit

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    Day 5 - No issues really. Had a light urge this morning, but I kicked that crap right back where it was coming from. I feel good mentally. I know it's way to early to expect changes, but I feel confident that i'll make this journey! I've got my old job back, just to keep myself out of the house. Still haven't started exercising, but i'm gonna get into better shape starting next week. Need to get some healthy food and change my diet totally. I'm now focusing more on conditioning my mind in a more positive manner.

    Day 5 and i'm still strong! Forever, here I come!
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    Regular consistent exercise should help make you happier reduce your depression hopefully. Good work on the 5 days.
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    Day 8 - Still hanging in with no urges to do anything relating to PMO! I figure I have a long way to go, but I love how i'm feeling. I don't see any easing up now. My brain function seems a tad bit better (I have terrible short term memory, probably related to PMO). All in all, 8 days in and i'm going strong!
  6. time_to_quit

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    Okay, so today I had a minor 'relapse'. I watched for for about 3-4 minutes. I don't know how, or why, but the 'curiosity' just came from nowhere. I wasn't thinking about it or anything related to it prior. Went to the home page of a site I use to watch, and tabbed all the 'interesting' videos I saw. After a few, I quit and closed the browser. Sure, it was enticing for the few short minutes, but I wasn't compelled to M (which I think is where I struggle the most). After, I cleaned my fan, took a cold shower, and here I am typing an update.

    Every time I think of where I want to be, I get strength to hold out.

    Day 9 - i'm still here, and still fighting!
  7. time_to_quit

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    Day 11 - For the past few mornings i've been having MW. Feels pretty good haha. I feel much better and even though my gf and I are aware of my goal to reboot for atleast 30 days, the urge to stick my junk in her trunk is insane! I still think my performance anxiety will get the better of me, but I can surely say my libido is feeling a lot better and lasting much longer in the mornings. Additionally, it takes less effort to keep it up. Usually i'd have to depend on touching to get it to that phase, but now, just the thought of certain actions gets me hard.

    Day 11 - Marching on!
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    Day 13 - I relapsed! But not exactly how you think. This morning i got up and had to the urge to have sex but my partner wasn't in a situation to do anything. She gave me a handjob (something that would NEVER work before, because I could not keep it hard) for about an hour without me going soft once. No porn involved! I didn't ejaculate during the HJ mostly because we didn't have any lubricant and her hands were dry (as expected). Ended up M to P just because I wanted to release in time to go to work. Didn't even need 20 seconds and I busted, just to show how close I was.

    I know, it's partially counter productive, but the significant increase in libido life has stunned me! It's just 13 days! I felt like I could have had sex for hours this morning! Something that I could never say before.

    Anyway, I won't reset my counter. I needed it! I'll keep you posted as usual guys. Btw, the load was massive! Just in case anyone was wondering.

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