Hey all! First time on this forum-here's my story

Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by Fapperoni, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Fapperoni

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    Hey I'm 18yo porn addict who never even kissed. My first porn encounter was at age 12 but I wasn't hooked on it since I was 14 so maybe there's still hope for recovery hehe. It was caused by depression and kind of trauma. I got into weird fetishes which I'm disgusted at the moment thinking about it. Thank god I discovered no fap around June 2017. It really changed my life. Before I couldn't even talk to anyone and I'm not even mentioning girls. Since I started over 4 months ago I haven't even glanced at porn,however I did relapse looking at some milf pics (for me it's fucking disgusting but still it's the biggest turn on). So to summarize I haven't fapped or glanced at any sexual pic in 2 months and I think that I overcame a flatline that lasted for about a month. Now I'm feeling great and even began to socialize a little. Still my biggest concern are girls and I have no idea how to fix that problem... I can't just ignore the problem and wait until some girl initiates. I know that I'm handsome because girls are flirting with me but I just can't do anything... Maybe some of you know what I'm talking about so let's overcome it together. It's time to be a man and beat all of the shit that hunted us for years and the effects of that! Cheers boys, we can beat the addiction!
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    Sup man, you still around? Just wanna say that you're describing really common things. Nobody's gonna call you a deviant or think you're sick.
    How's the abstinence going? Got any goals at the moment?
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    I can relate to this. I am also 18 and even though I have kissed girls and done some sexual things, I am still a virgin which sucks because all my friends make fun of me for it. Everything worked fine for me up until about a year ago when I had an experience with a girl where I had ED which pretty much took away all the confidence I had with girls. Now I'm honestly terrified to hook up with a girl because if she goes for my dick I'm afraid I won't be able to get hard and disappoint her :(. I wish I could have a streak of 4 months, longest I can consistently go is 3-5 days without relapse even though I know that by relapsing I am just prolonging my virginity

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