Here we go... I need some accountability to keep going

Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by Lowdo, Jan 13, 2017.

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    Right - sorry for a couple of days of silence - work has been manic and I've hardly had any spare time. Things are still good although I had a very near slip-up last night. I tend to be working late on my writing/studying recently which means I'm alone with a laptop - a stray image nearly led me off down the same path as last weekend but this time the filter stopped it - thank God!

    This does however highlight an issue I'll need to address - I want to carry on writing but writing is a solitary thing that tends to require a laptop late at night - which is dangerous for me. I know I could write on paper but I've tried that before and I just end up losing stuff. I guess I could set the internet connection to turn off at certain hours but my docs are all in the cloud so I might need to make sure I sync first...

    Something to think about - in the past I've found that simple lifestyle adjustments (like getting rid of my android tablet) made being PMO free a lot easier.

    I hope you guys are all OK. Keep trucking on!
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    Yes laptops and late at night can be devastating :eek:

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