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    thank god I don't watch porn and masturbate everyday. My problem is that I do it when no one is home (alone). for example when I hear my family saying they're going out to a place (without me), I start get a feeling, like I don't know how to explain it. like in my head it starts saying "hey, you'll be alone in a bit and its just a few minutes, do it", you know what I mean. I resist for a bit but sadly I lose. I masturbate only when I watch porn video. like, its so rare for me to masturbate without while watching a video. after the masturbation, I start to have like literally no feelings. I close the porn site (tab) and even if I see a girl on street, I just don't look at her because I get no feelings for a few minutes and thats it, like something never happened. Then I don't watch and masturbate for like few days, sometimes for few weeks, or days (40 days max I think) and then that feeling (with my penis also starts to getting erectile and this which what is mostly that it takes me to masturbate), and to masturbate I watch just one video (not the full video, only few minutes) and yea thats my addiction which I really want to get rid of. Sometimes when I have no wifi and I start wanting to really masturbate, I start imagining porn in my head.. and then masturbate.. I think I can get rid of this addiction and it will not be that hard for me since I don't watch everyday and only masturbate while I watch a video. forgot to mention that sometimes when I'm alone, and after masturbating for the first time, after a bit of time I get thinking to do it a second time and then done from it. So guys thats my problem and sorry for my bad english, please tell me the steps on what I should do, I don't really have the motivation to read stories or long articles on the site, I know it will help me but I just can't read very very long articles, though I read the ones that I get interested in.

    Thank you so much for reading and helping!

    Edit: I don't really remember when was the first time I started with watching porn but I remember that its from a long time, I think at age 11 or maybe even less, I don't exactly remember ( basically I have this addiction from a long time).
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    Hey man, great you came here. I would recommend you to read 'your brain on porn' by Gary Wilson. It describes really well how triggers like 'parents leave the house' are hard-wired to porn-use in your brain. When that is too long to read then look for youtube vids on the topic. A large part of overcoming this addiction is about recognizing such triggers and proactively deal with them. For instance, you can say to yourself: next time my parents leave the house I put on my running shoes and go for a run. In that way you hard-wire that trigger to something healthy. Good luck!
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    Hey! Thank you so much for the advice, I will try and read that book.
    I thought to just step outside the house (when alone) and close the door, so then I won't be able to get inside till my family comes back home. But the problem is that I will must have the key in case my family didn't have the key, and I already went outside the home, so yep you know what will happen, me and my family can't get in home lol (unless we break the door).
    anyways this won't work, soo idk. I mean I can just make sure if they took the keys with them, but even tho lets say the keys got lost, so i think it just wont work.

    btw you're on the 36 streak, that's amazing man!!!!!!!! you can do it, don't give up and keep going man, we all can do it and we believe in each others!
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    Yeah, or you could think of another activity inside. That when they leave or when you come back into an emty house that you have a script. Typically urges only last for 10 minutes or so. If you make script of activities that is activated in such a situation you can follow that script and even repeat it when the urges come back. You could try and write down some ideas.

    Thanks for your compliment. I am on day 36, but for a bit of perspective, I am struggling with this already for years. I really have to leave this behaviour behind me now, that is fantasy, porn and masturbation
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    Hey @hope03 well done for coming on here. Some people might think, oh, it's not so bad, and accept the addiction but if you do that it's bound to get worse. There are too many stories on here of people (myself included) that allowed themselves too go down this road and ended up wasting years of their life on P. It's not worth it.

    And I think that's the key - to remind yourself in the moment that it's not worth it. You don't want to get to the place where you have to use P all the time just to feel normal. Not even to feel good, but just to feel normal! There is so much more to life. You are missing out if you are addicted to P. @Gil79 has great advice. Write out a lot of why you see you don't want a life enslaved to P and why you want to make better decisions. And then write out your game plan which you can follow when your family is out and you are triggered.
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    yea don't think of it too much, just think how you will become when you leave all these behind you, you will be a better person, achieve more great things..etc
    I believe in you, you can do it!
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    Thank you so much guys for helping, we will for sure leave all these bad habits. Its really good that you're mentioning to stop supporting phub. I hope this ugly and bad site, and all the other sites that contains these bad things to all get down and disappear forever.
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