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    now in my head I’m worried that I can’t get hard if I’ve spent a full day dating the girl I’m seeing

    In the past I’ve had success if I’ve been round to a girls house and fooled around that night but now if I spend the full day with this girl and we get in bed at night nothing happens.

    this full day of thinking about it is getting me so frustrated and a nice day turns into feeling depressed.

    So I have it in my head that if I’ve spent all day And night and we’ve been eating through the day that my body won’t work. I’m petrified
    And when I look into the last sexual encounters the only success I’ve had if it’s just going round to a girls house at night for sex. It’s not when properly dating them

    I’ve even tried to force it with ed drugs to beat the anxiety but that doesn’t even work. I’m very worried I’ll never be happy

    And now I’m actually depressed again so I’m going to start taking my antidepressant again to shift my mood and hopefully stabilise my mood.

    how do I approach things with this girl now who I like but I’m worried about sex with her after a day of dating.
    she’s very understanding but it keeps building up in my head that I’m going to fail.

    Do I see some sort of councillor ? Any recommendations, such as sex councillor, physco-sexual councillor

    I just don’t know

    How do you shift this negative thinking

  2. Dr. Freud

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    Hi. I already answered you about it last time. The answer is simple: stop thinking nonsense.

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