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    I am 22 yr old Male uncircumsized, started fapping around 15. I would fap up to 3-4 times a day sometimes. At about 18 I remember my left side of the meatus got swollen bcuz of fapping too much and was causing an itch in my tip. I ignored this because it didnt bother me that much at all. I kept having sex/pmo.

    I am experiencing inflammation, redness, sensitivity, rash, sting, itching and sometimes blisters in my shaft. I think that there is some sort of tissue damage in my shaft or something is ruptured in it because it hurts a lot. Im pretty sure I have balanitis / candida. The reason I know this is because I gave my gf bacterial vaginosis. She recovered, but i didnt. My symptoms got worse. Ive been to 4 urologists and no help. My blood was tested for HIV/StDs and came back negative. Urine seems to be fine too. Ive been applying clotrimazole and taking coconut oil everyday but that is doing very little. Im also trying to cut out all sugar and fast food out of my diet. At this point I am hopeless and depressed, and cannot deal with this on my own. Do I need a round of antibiotics???

    Can someone offer serious guidance? Any input is appreciated
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    I am not a medical expert.

    You have been to urologists. Several in fact. Did they all see your rashes and say "that's nothing to worry about" ? Did they tell you what is is then? It would be the thing i as a patient would be the most interested in. Normally, they will take a cotton swab and send that to a lab for analysis, if it seems like it could be something serious.

    If they all thought you were fine, did they proscribe you the clotrimazole product anyway? Or are you applying a cream designed to treat vaginal infections because that is what you have lying around?

    It seems like you are assuming a whole bunch about your condition and then try to fix something you are not sure you have.

    Maybe you can give a more structured timeline of these things together with a more detailed description? Or you could go to another doctor and explain all the things you are doing (including the off label use of vaginal medication, who knows what that is doing to your skin)? If it helps you, write down a list so you don't forget anything at the appointment.

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