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    Hi all, I'm 29 years old and I am from Bolivia.

    I really have so much to tell and I do not know where to start. Prefer tell everything quickly for all to read and can help me.

    I was really quite a shy teenager, not used to have much success with women, I had a hard time getting familiar with them. I masturbated pretty, I used to do with pornographic films, magazines and eventually I started having internet access it (I was never addicted to extreme pornography).

    Years passed and when I was 22 years I started my first relationship with a girl, pretty cute, first time q had intimacy could not get an erection, I was not exitado only when he saw pornography alone, my erections were not good but still ended in my hand. But I fear I attributed all my first experience, things never materialized, was with her 6 months I could never not even exitarme, I never attributed it to a problem related to pornography, really frustrated.

    Until today I had quite a few couples, even a 4 year old, but my problem persisted and tried to avoid physical contact most of the time, satisfying sex did not pass 10 in all that time, never completely satisfactory for me, I never ejaculated during these meetings.

    5 months ago ended my relationship with her, then I met another amazing girl, very beautiful, I started dating her, and I was determined to solve my problem, I told him I was sick and went to a sexologist widely recognized in my city. He made ​​me several blood tests and urine all really good, just that some hormones such as FSH and LH were "almost" out of the normal range:

    FSH 1.9 normal when going from 1.1 to 13.5 Uul / ml in Adults.
    Normal LH 5.7 when going from 0.4 to 5.7 Uul / ml in Adults.
    Progesterone 0.2 when the normal ranges from 0.15 to 0.5 ng / dl.
    Testosterone 830, when the range is 300 to 1000 ng / dl in Adults.

    He attributed my problems to these imbalances, when I showed these results to other doctors, they said it was in the normal range for a man of my age. That's I was more confused than ever, I wondered: My God, what is it that I have, did I ignore the sexologist, decided to take the treatment he gave me 10 injections of vitamin compounds, 1 every week 240 USD each, really I endanger my finances, but I told myself it was worth trying it.

    I finished treatment this week was supposed to feel changes at 5 weeks, do not really know if it was placebo or what, but I felt good just a couple of days, I think so I improved my erections but the libido I have quite low for many many months, and supposedly the hormonal adjustment would make my libido up.

    Concerned about this panoramic position, I started searching the internet and found some reference to the treatment they were using me (for me that I was cruelly deceiving .....). One day by chance researching and found a page that suggested performing Kegel exercises (do started one week ago and I think they help us regain the trust), and I found a post referring to how pornography destroying your sex life. It was like a light at the end of the tunnel, I was so depressed until I started reading and I read a lot about things that reassured me enough (cases somewhat similar to mine) and brought me here (my first post).

    I really want to believe that this is the solution to this problem (I've been 5 days since I started), I tried to have sex with my girlfriend on Saturday, although not exite me nor had erections, I realized oral sex and sex with my ​​hand, she had three orgasms, I said I would wait no matter how long (that relieves me a lot) I take to recover from this situation that has me destroyed inside, hope you advise me if you think my problem has to do with this porn or may be something else.

    At the moment I have no problems with pornography tempt me, because my libido is so low that it would consist exite myself to masturbate me much (this is normal?'m An outlier or?).

    Need much encouragement to start this journey, but I am determined to get to the end, God brought me here for a reason, thank you very much all of you for taking the time to read what I wrote!

    With more hope than ever.

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    Its great that you found this forum. I am also new here and i accidently stumble upon your post and just wanted to answer you so you know that somebody have read it. If you have any qouestions send me private message i would like to discuss. Stay strong in this quest it is verry important for your future life.

    this link is pretty useful, read it its great.
    I also have problem with girl having sex, im not sure should i tell her or what, this is all just so difficult but it CAN be solved.

    Cheers bro and stay strong

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