Help Guide: Guys with PC Muscle and Pelvic Floor Conditioning Issues

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by gameover, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. Fiddler

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    I don't know how I missed this thread for so long...

    Anyhow, I've been rebooting for months but my erections are still 80-90% and I lose them easily. The description of the conditioning in the first message matches me perfectly, I used to edge for hours and hours, clenching whatever it was needed to not come until "the perfect scene" (which was always the next one, as we all know). I have restarted going to the gym and am squatting at every workout, with light weight for the moment.
    One thing isn't clear to me: doing that stretching and massaging would easily cause me to get urges to PMO and I'm still fragile on resisting urges, I'm trying to not put myself into the position to have them in the first place. Therefore, is it absolutely necessary to do that massaging or is it enough to keep your abs and pelvic muscles as relaxed as possible throughout the day?
  2. NovoElevation

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    Azured, you should NOT do kegels, while your BC is not relaxed and is too tense. What i mean is, FIRST you do the stretching and massaging for some time, that would be weeks and even months till you see results, then when you actually start feeling the BC muscle is relaxed and SUPPLE, then and only then, you can start doing the kegel routine. And still stretching and massaging after the kegel routine. You will want to strenghen your BC muscle while keeping it relaxed and supple.
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    Yep, if you fix your pelvic muscles, it will give you more urges as you will have a new toy to play with. Now you say you don't want urges, therefore is better if you don't fix your muscles. This sound like cutting off your penis, so you don't have problems anymore :) Yep, that would fix stuff forever :p

    Seriously, you still have to fix your porn addiction! You want to fix your erection, therefore you have to get rid of the porn addition and fix your physical problems. Sure, you afraid of the urges, then imagine you fix your addiction then your fix your muscles, it may still give you urges. Pretty normal, it's called hornyness. It's you body asking you to go get a real woman, which that's what you want in the first place (i assume).
  4. Fiddler

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    Cut the irony please. I have a "toy" every morning with morning woods so it's not like it is dead. But stretching and massaging it or around it would be way too close to masturbation for my brain, I know I'd get urges to finish off sooner or later. That's why I asked if it was absolutely necessary. I will fight off the urges, of course, I just wanted to be sure that I had to or it was an optional step.
  5. NovoElevation

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    The way i see it, yes it is necessary. Some people here, say deep squats and some yoga positions help. I may concede it may help a bit, but not the necessary. Just try it yourself, do a kegel and hold it, put one hand on the BC muscle and then deep squat. Do you feel the muscle stretching? I don't and to be honest, i don't know of any position that actually stretches the muscle directly, therefore you have to stretch it with you own hands. Please someone correct me if i'm wrong.

    I say some positions may help a bit, because if you stretch the muscles around it, it may relax a bit, but again, nothing compares to actually stretch and massage it with your own hands. Sometimes, minds go fantasying and i masturbate a bit, sure, but you have to be determined.
  6. Fiddler

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    Ok, thanks, got it. I tried with very deep squats, holding the position for more than 1 minute but didn't feel anything. I will start the massaging.
  7. NovoElevation

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    Don't forget the stretching. A quote from me from another thread:

    "Don't do the stretching grabbing your scrotum like i said in an earlier post, instead with your skin dry and clean, drag the skin up so the BC muscle stretches. Yes, the muscle used to kegel, it's the BC not the PC. It's the muscle between your scrotum and anus. You can hold a kegel and with the other hand drag the skin up, so you can feel the BC muscle stretching. Bad news, is that this may take some weeks/months till results start appearing, but once they do.... oh boy... Again, read my posts."

    I recomend you do the massaging and stretching once each 2 days. Around 15 minutes each session, at least.
  8. Myt

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    I have been rebooting for about 140 days now and attempted sex at around day 100. My problem since my first attempt at sex was a semi-hard erection followed by premature ejaculation right after penetration. When I attempt to do this routine I get really close to ejaculating before I reach even 5 or 10 minute mark. This is with a semi-hard erection. Should I just keep attempting this routine daily with the intent of increasing my time each session. e.g. 1 min for day 1, 1 min 10 sec for day 2 etc.? Or should I be implementing kegels/rk into my routine? I definitely do not want to allow myself to ejaculate with a semi-hard erection as this trains my brain to think this is okay, correct?
  9. NovoElevation

    NovoElevation Member

    What routine are you refering to?
  10. Myt

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  11. blindedbyfear

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    How do you achieve an erection without using that penis muscle guys. Talking about the one where you make your dick bob. I have to use it to achieve a good erection or it's not going anywhere. I'm trying to think of a way to do it but I'm too conditioned by my habits or using my pc muscle when I put my hands on my penis.

    looking for tips boys
  12. Stevew

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    I have a physio which knows about my issue in regards to the tight pelvic floor. Anyways (I know thats kinda weird but hey)... she noticed my hip flexors really start firing sometimes when I'm doing ab excercises... I'm guessing when I squat they also do the same thing... It may just be a bad habit which is now almost conditioned to the point where I cannot squat without firing them. She does not think my hip flexors are particularly tight though... but my hamstrings are.
  13. fixmeplease

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    Let's say you're receiving head, should your pc muscle be relaxed? I find at times I like to flex mine, and at times it involuntarily flexes. Although i try to reverse kegel if thats the case. I find the sensation to orgasm much quicker if i keep kegelling which i am trying to work on.
  14. grego

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    Gameover, should i squeeze my ass inward and tuck my stomach in when i do body weight squats?
  15. grego

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    Also, does anyone else have their dick temporarily shrink and recede into the rest of your body after squats? Mine does it really intensely by multiple inches.
  16. Heyula

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    My erection quality improved a lot, surpassed my expectations. I've never had better erections in my entire life (29 yo).
    I was working out, and doing reverse kegel for a long time, and seeing improvements. But since last month, I've focused on strengthening lower abs (mostly reverse crunches) and reverse kegeling, and hat did the trick for me. Lower ab workout made a huge difference. With strong lower abs I was able to do reverse kegels with much more success. So much that I can now feel my PC muscle, its just keep getting bigger. I can feel it when sitting, walking, or when lying down. The funny thing is; I can get a harder erection with a reverse kegel compared to the one I can get with a kegel. My PE problem disappeared completely, now I can literally ejaculate whenever I want.

    IMO, having a balanced pelvic floor is the most important thing if you're trying to deal with ED & PE.
  17. grego

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    But Gameover, how did you get hard initially? Did you fantasize or lightly masturbate to get hard? As a conditioning exercise, would it make sense for me to attempt to get hard to fantasy without any touching and then once I am, masturbate to sensation and orgasm? I also have lack of libido in addition to ED. How did you recover your sex drive?
  18. ChampagneCloud

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    You wrote "I then practiced twice a week for 2.5 months giving myself an erection while sitting down and doing the following..."

    Just to be super clear, you gave yourself erection merely through manual stimulation / light touch, correct? You wrote no sexual fantasy and no muscle tension so I'm assuming the only way to get hard in this situation is by touch...
  19. vidivici

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    yeah, I am also interested in how that erection business works here - I tried to do that today, sat down relaxed on the floor, started manual stimulation / light touch, got a bit hard / as hard as I can be, took the hand off it and went flaccid straight away in about 5-10 sec. This is the problem that also affects me with my wife, however surprisingly I sometimes can hold erection for 10-20 sec enough to penetrate and then I can usually stay hard.

    But then I have been using clenching, legs/glutes whenever I had oral sex (with my wife) or hasty masturbation (when I was younger, around early teen years). Only realised this today after stumbling upon this.

    Any explanation/help?
  20. Bilbo Baggins

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    Any update on this? Did someone do this seriously for a while and noticed any improvements? Seems interesting, but there are not many feedbacks on this.
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