Help Guide: Guys with PC Muscle and Pelvic Floor Conditioning Issues

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by gameover, Oct 19, 2014.

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    In this point of my life I don't take nothing for granted.
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    Contractions during Ejaculations are fine, you should feel about 5-10 of them.
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    Read my posts:

    I recomend doing the stretching without lube, just your dry hands, before the massaging, that way you won't pulling your scrotum with too much force if you were using lube. Just "pull the skin between your anus and scrotum without grabing your scrotum. If you kegel your BC muscle, which is the muscle you use to stop your piss, (people have been calling it PC but it's actually the BC muscle) and put one hand on it, you will feel that's it stretches when your pull the skin. This is good. Just stretch it for 20-30 seconds each time. 5 sets i say.

    I used to have spasms and when it was really tense, semem leakage before i orgasm with my GF. The muscle was so tense it actually couldn't stop the semem from leaking out by tightening the semem canal. Google it

    Be patient. It may take some weeks/months before you get results, but trust me, it will be worthwhile.
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    Thanks for your post. So you just pull your sack and penis up and massage the pelvic floor for half a minute? Do you do this every day or a few times per week?
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    I think the most important thing here is to learn how to isolate that muscle, and keep it that way. I believe after sometime PC muscle starts to team up with core and leg muscles, so whenever one them of is activated PC muscle gets tense with it. And since core muscles get activated with almost every movement, PC muscle stays in that state forever...

    Stand up, sit down, do doggy style, missionary, every possible position, pay attention to your PC muscle and note the positions it gets clenched, then do reverse kegel in that position. Repeat the process until you manage to get into that position with a relaxed pc muscle.
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    Okay, guys please help me with this. I'm very confused about PC muscles, kegels, reverse kegels, weakness, balance, etc., so I'll just show you some symptoms, and if you could say what I have, and what I could do (what exercise, normal or reverse, etc), should be great! Well, here it is :

    -18 years, PIED, Low libido.

    -2 months ago my erection Standing position was bad. Everytime I changed position, I would lose my erection or lose part of it. Nowadays I don't know because I don't have anyone to test my erection.
    -After urinating, I have to spend 1 minute squeezing drops of urine (like a "jelqing" movement) and kegelling to put out whats left on my penis. Like weak urine flow, hesitancy, I don't know.
    -Sometimes, when doing something sexual, to cum I needed to contract my PC muscle and ass muscles to get a little more sensitivity to have an orgasm.
    -Bad erection quality
    -Hardly ever hard flaccid after losing an erection (by orgasm or just losing it, but not everytime)

    Kegels or not? Reverse or Normals? Weakness? Tense PC? Unbalance? Please, help ASAP!!!
  7. Azured

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  8. NovoElevation

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    Hi Rory, sorry for the late reply. Correction, the massage lasts for 10-15 minutes. In between the massaging, i would stretch the muscle by grabbing the sack and penis and pull them up, as if trying to reach the belly button. I would hold that stretch for 20-30 seconds. I say i would, because i don't do the stretch that way anymore, i felt that pulling the sack like that would harm your balls. In the beggining it's ok as you just need to pull a bit, your muscle may be so tense, that just pulling a bit, would stretch it. After a while, when the muscle is more "elastic", you need to pull more and thefore, more probable to harm you.

    Now, after a bath, when the skin is clean and dry, i just pull the skin up, without grabbing the sack. Just put your hand there and with the traction, pull the skin up. If you do that with one hand while the other is on the BC muscle, you'll notice that it stretches, i find this way to be way more safer than grabbing your sack and pull it up.

    Oh, BTW, it is the BC muscle and not the PC. BC musble is the one being used when you kegel or when you stop the urine.

    I hope this is clear to you.
  9. NovoElevation

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    Sounds like tense BC muscle, read my posts above to know how to relax it. I used to have semem leakage. This happens when the musble is too tense to press the canal where the semem passes. In your case, seems the same thing happens but to urine. Since, i have relaxed my BC musble, erections is way better and even after orgasm, it stays a bit hard, when it was tense, erection would die pretty fast. Now i just need to strenghen the muscle to see if i get back my powerfull cumshots :)

    Oh yeah, just because it is tense, doesn't mean it is strong. 1 different things.
  10. NovoElevation

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    IMO, pelvic muscles in bad conditions, is the cause for many people here still not having decent erections. And still not consider themselves "recovered". I will make a post soon talking about this. I truely believe most people here are discarding this very important aspect of the problem. I mean, how many times you read someone saying they would kegel just to mantain the erection during PMO? Some, even say they did it for hours! After a while your pelvic muscles will get ultra tense and cause problems, spasms, pain, leakage, bad erection of course, etc, etc. Since i've been doing the massaging and stretching, my penis is a lot more "veiny" than before! Which of course, is a very good thing. Bad news, is that it takes sometime to relax the muscle, 2+ months... yeah... Why so long, i don't know, maybe because the BC muscle has to be constantly mildly "tense" to hold the urine, otherwise it would leak. Is this case, some tension is ok and even needed.
  11. Azured

    Azured New Member

    Thanks man! But I didn't understand the part "Bad news, is that it takes sometime to relax the muscle, 2+ months". Do you mean that I need to wait 2 months to do these exercises? I didn't understand.
  12. NovoElevation

    NovoElevation Member

    I meant that it will take 2 months or more to see results. Why so long, i don't know. When you stretch your hamstrings, quads or other big muscle, after some sessions you can notice you have more flexibility and relaxation, on the BC muscle it can take months, i don't know why... Someone's doctor here, said it can take 4 months before you see results. I say, do the stretching/massage at least 3 times per week and keep doing it. It kind of sucks to wait so much for results, but be persistent, it will be worthwhile. Now my cumshots still dribbles or drop, but i'm starting the kegel exercices now. First you relax it, after it gets to a point of relaxation, you can "muscle it up".
  13. Azured

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    Oh, now I understood. Thank you. Well, I'm doing a kegel and reverse kegel routine. In the morning, meditation and streches. What time should I do massage? After kegels?
  14. Heyula

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    You shouldn't do kegel for a few months Azured. The main purpose of all these stretches, exercises is to train that muscle to stay relaxed. By kegeling you're just encouraging it to stay tense...
  15. Azured

    Azured New Member

    Well, I didn't do kegels for 1 month and a half, and started doing it 4 days ago. Should I wait more?
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    I have probably spammed the forum with the same message today. But deep squats really flare my hard flaccid and people have told me to do them. I will take the advice of the guy above (blueish avatar) and try RKs in those posistions.
  17. Heyula

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    If doing squats worsens your hard flaccid, then that means you're not squatting properly, you should google it. You're probably contracting your PC muscle during squats...
    Try to squat with a relaxed PC/BC muscle (or do reverse kegel), keep your spine straight, keep all of your weight on your heels, you may fall back sometimes, thats ok :)
    You'll know you're squatting properly when your core muscles get sore.
  18. Stevew

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    I've been RKing when doing them only as of the last day or so. I have an anterior pelvic tilt.. so that may be affecting it.
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    I don't know if this is useful to you, but just wanted to share a few thoughts.

    I have (or had) a similar problem to the one Gameover described at the start of this thread, ie a 'twitchy' pevic floor muscle due to years of masturbating semi-hard and clenching various muscles to compensate. Of course, I am also a porn addict with PIED and DE.

    Anyway, about 4 weeks ago I decided to carry on PMO'ing but to consciously relax the PF muscles and not use them to help me reach orgasm. Also, I found some yoga-like stretches for the pelvic floor, which I have been doing every 2-3 days, the last of which is a deep squat held for about 1 minute. I couldn't say whether it's the relaxation or the strectches (or both), but my erection quality has improved consistently over the last month. I get harder erections and my penis fills up better than it did previously. My sex drive is still pretty much zero and i have no morning wood, but that is to be expected until I attempt a reboot.

    The reason I'm writing is because on one occasion, about a week ago, I did the deep squat and it triggered a 3-day long episode of hard flaccid. I found this scary, as I'm aware of hard flaccid but don't normally suffer from it. It went away gradually of it's own accord, but it led me to ask myself what had caused it. On that particular occasion, I had been squatting with quite a wide stance (probably about 1.75x shoulder width) and was manually pushing my knees outwards gently to increase the stretch. I came to the conclusion that I'd overstretched the muscles and the hard flaccid was a reaction to that. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that a wider stance puts more of a stretch on the pelvic floor. Interestingly, after the hard flaccid faded, I had the hardest erections that I've had in a long time.

    I wonder therefore if perhaps you're overdoing it? In my case, I only do the stretches every 3 days now to give my body chance to repair. Since the HF episode, I've gone a little bit easier on the squats and brought my stance back to about 1.25x shoulder width, and the problem hasn't recurred. Something to think about, perhaps? If your PF muscles are particularly tight then it follows that they'd be all the more succeptible to being over-stretched.
  20. innana

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    Just made an account, only to post to this topic. I realized many years ago that flexing my legs etc. during masturbation is a problem. So I started to masturbate while relaxed. Sometimes I still used to flex my legs if I could not make my self orgasm. And I watched porn.

    Now I've been 75 days without masturbating and about month more without porn. I had PIED, but at this moment it is mostly gone and I can get hard quite easily with my gf. But I still have problems reaching orgasm and I absolutely fail with condoms. So I still have issues with my pelvic area, and I was really happy to see gameover's post about the problem. So big thanks for that! I'll try to heal myself with all the tips from here.

    I've struggled many years..

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