Help Guide: Guys with PC Muscle and Pelvic Floor Conditioning Issues

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  1. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    I have been asked through private message on numerous occasions (About once a week) about pelvic floor issues regarding erection strength, ability to maintain an erection in different positions and firm but semi erect erections also known as hard flaccid. So their is obviously a growing number of guys who not only have PIED but also have poorly conditioned or weakened/strengthened pelvic floor muscles due to incorrect masturbation habits.

    The issue is that when your brain has healed significantly some people even after 1-2 years are still only achieving 80-90% erections in all or certain positions.

    My background;

    I used to masturbate standing, sitting, laying down and it did not matter what position i was in i could always get and maintain an erection during my porn sessions and solo sessions. Around age 20 I had to start using rubber bands around my dick to maintain a hard erection even with porn but eventually i got sick of using the rubber bands and found out that by tensing my pelvic floor for 20-30 seconds, resting for 5 seconds and then tensing it again for 20-30 i could maintain a strong erection. As this got worse and worse i had to even tense my pelvic floor to gain an erection and it got so bad i could only get around 80% hard even with the most extreme porn. Mix this in with holding my breath, tensing my ass muscles, rapid stroking and watching porn twice a day its not that surprising that i became conditioned to this weird style of masturbating.

    The fix (For me at least and others have given me feedback it works as well);

    When i first started rebooting back in November-December 2012 i found that within 4 weeks without porn i was able to get an erection again from light touching and sexual vanilla thoughts. Unfortunately though this was still at maximum 90% strength and required me to always have some stimulation to stay hard or it would go back to semi flaccid/hard.

    1. I learnt the difference between a reverse kegal and a standard kegal exercise for the pelvic floor muscles known as "PC Muscles". See here for reference - - Pubococcygeus muscle - Kegal excercise

    2. I then practiced twice a week for 2.5 months giving myself an erection while sitting down and doing the following;

    • Slow breathing
    • NOT performing a standard or reverse kegal. Keep the muscle perfectly relaxed (Extremely hard at first)
    • NOT tensing my ass muscles and legs (Extremely hard at first)
    • NOT going anywhere near the point of orgasm or better known as edging (We don't want inadvertent flat lines)
    • NOT fantasizing about anything sexual or pornographic (We want to condition yourself to light touch & not imagery)
    • Limited these sessions to 5-10 minutes (These sessions are for erection strength training not for getting off)
    3. After 75 days i was now able to masturbate without any issues or requiring fast/constant stimulation and stay fully hard from start to finish. I then repeated step number 2 while standing and within 2 weeks i was now able to do the same standing which before was impossible.

    Around day 160 porn free i relapsed and searched for porn. My PC muscle started to spasm before i even touched myself or the page loaded at around 1-2 repetitions per SECOND. This was when my theory was confirmed that i had been conditioning my PC muscle for years with poor masturbation habits and regular porn sessions (Twice daily).

    So i guess this little help guide is for guys who feel like they are not getting anywhere and haven't yet investigated beyond dopamine and desensitization, rewiring, orgasm abstinence etc

    Update: Due to people not understanding the difference with natural ED and PIED and its relation to kegal excercise

  2. YBR13

    YBR13 New Member

    Re: PC Muscle and Pelvic Floor Conditioning Thread

    Question, lets say you don't have pelvic floor/PC muscle problems, could practicing kegals/reverse kegals be detrimental in anyway?
  3. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Re: PC Muscle and Pelvic Floor Conditioning Thread

    Yes. If you over compensate you can cause premature ejaculation and give yourself erection issues.
  4. bossman

    bossman Member

    Re: PC Muscle and Pelvic Floor Conditioning Thread

    Good thread.

    I'm in the same boat that OP was in. Would constantly kegel and clench my butt muscles ever since I started masturbating. I could orgasm up to 50 times in one session when I was a kid (about 12). That's no joke. It's no wonder I'm so fucked up now (addiction, brain stuff). The only way I could do it was by constantly kegeling/clenching my PC muscles which caused me to orgasm faster.

    Trying to be cognizant of when I'm clenching my PC muscles now. I'll just randomly realize that I'm involuntarily kegeling and then do a reverse kegel to relax. After a while I don't have to reverse kegel to get to the relaxed state.
  5. Dan82

    Dan82 New Member

    Re: PC Muscle and Pelvic Floor Conditioning Thread

    this is exactly my problem.
  6. nowheretogobutup

    nowheretogobutup New Member

    Re: PC Muscle and Pelvic Floor Conditioning Thread

    Thanks much gameover!
  7. This is very good, practical advice.
  8. Psalm Reborn

    Psalm Reborn New Member

    Thanks a lot Gameover. I think I have the same problem and have been looking for a solution.

    So, pretty much, people with this problem should try to not use their muscles at all, and strive to be completely relaxed, is that right?

    I read a lot of things about kegal exercises explaining how people should use kegal during intercourse. I had the feeling that what I had to do, on the contrary, was try to not use those muscles at all and train myself to O like that (which is impossible at this point for me). Is that a good analysis?
  9. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    You should not be actively controlling muscles during arousal. They should be relaxed except for the occasional clench/throb and pump of blood.

    I would train yourself to reach orgasm without needing kegal exercises if that's the case for you. The kegal is a method of strengthening it should not be used during the event. Its like going to the gym and training bench press and then trying to tackle in football doing a bench press technique. Its purely a strengthening exercise which shouldn't be overdone.
  10. Psalm Reborn

    Psalm Reborn New Member

    Gotcha, thanks.
  11. nowheretogobutup

    nowheretogobutup New Member

    The ass and leg clenching is annoying, I seem to automatically do it. It's like I flip from normal light M'ing, relaxed and not thinking of sex, to hyper porn fantasy with ass PC legs and back all clenched. Like flipping a switch... I know I need to do some deep concentration and relaxation to stop that.
  12. Psalm Reborn

    Psalm Reborn New Member

    That's wierd. It never did it to me. I just know I'll lose my erections if I don't force it with my pelvic floor muscles. I guess it's because of my bad habit to try to reach the 'zone' as fast as possible.
  13. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    My thoughts are half the guys here with erection strength ossues probably have some bad conditioning that no time away from porn will fix without practice
  14. JG55

    JG55 Member

    Game I've been noticing chronic tension in my low back/abs and I can also feel it in my testicles. It's a strange sensation. When it relaxes everything feels better downstairs. Like something is being released. But it's def tied to my lower torso and goes all the way down to my genitals.

    Is that my pelvic floor I'm noticing or do you think its something else?
  15. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Those muscles definitely can effect your pelvic floor but I would suggest a physio to check. They can give you exercises to fix those sort of imbalances.
  16. JG55

    JG55 Member

    OK, thanks.
  17. TaylorDurden

    TaylorDurden New Member

    Any advice for PE?
  18. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Depends what sort of PE you have.

    You can develop PE from masturbating too quickly and training your brain to reach orgasm quickly, in that case the above techniques can help re train your brain.

    If it is due to being aroused easily or sensitization from porn you will have to quit porn for good.
  19. TaylorDurden

    TaylorDurden New Member

    I'm not sure what I have. I can O just from looking at porn. Especially deep into a reboot. I've O'd just from making out with a girl. I've O'd within seconds of having sex.

    Also I catch myself clenching my PE muscle through out the day and I have to constantly and consciously relax it. Then seconds later I'm doing it again. I don't know what's wrong with me.
  20. ChaosGrinder

    ChaosGrinder Active Member

    I think I might have the same PC muscle problem...Because when I first learnt masturbating, I stretched my legs and tensed my ass all the time. And this lasts years.

    Thanks for the info, mate.

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