heh....I just listen very interesting interview with polish sexuologist

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by grzeg12, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. grzeg12

    grzeg12 New Member

    And he said that very long time of sexual abstinence can diminishproducing of sexual hormones.

    This shocked me, but it could be true, because after my 86 days of abstinence my first orgasm was just ejaculation without something in my brain.

    Many people on this site, make 3-6 or even 9 or 12 months abstinence and believe only in gary Wilson word, and some stories on this forum.
    Please think twice if you decide to go long time without orgasm.
  2. fflatline

    fflatline New Member

    I'm going on 5 months of abstaining and I feel like my libido is asleep
  3. lookingahead

    lookingahead To restore my inmost being. Staff Member

    This is true and that's why you're going to have to jump start your libido again at the end of the reboot. But in the meantime a reboot will cause your sexual desires to diminish. But this must happen in order for your brain to reset.
  4. Mart71

    Mart71 Guest

    I am not sure I ever saw high priest Gary Wilson say you need extreme abstinence. That is just something a group of rebooters claim they need - and some are preaching it to everyone, even those who don't want to hear it.

    When I started my journey, I read on THE SITE that you should remove all artificial sexual stimulation from your life and rewire your brain. I did that, removed all porn and rewired like there is no tomorrow. Worked. My orgasms were good all the way through my journey, as long as I had them with my girl. Orgasms from jerking off without porn suck compared to that - but I didn't reboot to be better at masturbating.

    Rebooting is not a one size fits all cure. You need to find your own way and find out what works for you. "Religiously" clinging to just one interpretation of the hypothesis of THE SITE is insane, if you don't get results and there are so many other ways you can try.
  5. annabook

    annabook Member


    Did you have PIED prior to this? When did you start having sex/orgasming with your girl? Did you experience flatlines after orgasms?

    Reason I ask all these questions is I haven't quite made up my mind about whether or not I should abstain from orgasm this time around.

    Sorry for hijacking the thread.
  6. Mart71

    Mart71 Guest

    Yes, in short I rebooted because I had PIED (being 42 y.o). I decided to have a zero tolerance approach to porn (remove all artificial stimulation) and agressively force erections with ED drugs (consistant rewiring with a steady partner and lots of sex). I started having sex one month after the start of my reboot. Yes, my libido was affected by orgasms, but I learned/found out what orgasm frequency worked for me and I simply "powered through" that. I am in a long distance relationship, so during the times I am apart from my partner I let my body and mind rest. Over the last months I was able to taper off the ED drugs successfully. My way is probably the polar opposite of the no-arousal method - but it worked in my case.

    (OP, sorry for the off-topic)
  7. toxicviper23

    toxicviper23 Guest

    He may be correct to an extent. He observes in studies that sex hormones decline in guys who abstain for a long time.

    I'm in flatline now, and I can promise you my sex hormones are down.

    Interestingly though, we have many accounts of guys who are in a flatline for MONTHS and then after they come out of it, their libido is roaring like NEVER BEFORE.

    I'm willing to use myself as an experiment. I'm not masturbating ever again. I'll let everyone know how it goes as the months go by.

    The guy is Polish correct?? Poland... When German tanks were blitzkrieging across the countryside, a rumor spread that they were made of cardboard... and thus, the brave Polish villagers took off on horseback with torches to set fire to the cardboard German Panzers....

    Eastern Europe and science...
  8. fflatline

    fflatline New Member

    I've abstained for months as well I just feel shut off as far as sex hormones I'm willing to report back as well after my first rewiring / sex experiment
  9. Journey to Freedom

    Journey to Freedom Vincere est Vivere




  10. toxicviper23

    toxicviper23 Guest

    I clearly must have offended you..
  11. grzeg12

    grzeg12 New Member

    Ok, so you believe that after 3- 9 months without libido your libido suddenly return???
    Everyone is different. There are many guys who need to masturbate to start their libido. And libido then appear, but if you go 3 or even 9 months hardmode, who know what it bring to you?

    I never had such problems with orgasms before nofap. After nofap my problems started. It must be some link. ;/
  12. bossman

    bossman Member

    Kinda worried about this. Gary, do you know anything about this?
  13. toxicviper23

    toxicviper23 Guest

    These seem to be valid concerns.

    Lets do a little test then.. after a few months post our results.

    I'm not masturbating ever again.

    A few of you may find that masturbating will actually help. After all everyone is built differently.

    There should be no problem with masturbating twice a week or something like that.

    According to western science it's good for you.
  14. Journey to Freedom

    Journey to Freedom Vincere est Vivere

    I can't be offended as I'm not even Eastern European, I just found it easy to counter your hilariously ignorant statement by posting a few links.

    This is good advice though.
  15. pilj

    pilj Guest

    it would make sense that sex hormones would slow down as the body would look for others activities. Sex enhances sex, the more you get the more you want. It also proved that testosterone levels are at their highest a week after an orgasm. Anyway, this is not a anti-masturbation website, its anti-porn anti-articifial masturbation place.

    Im in a flatline right now after almost 2 months without MO, im doing fine but i will masturbate if i feel im in the good disposition which means no computer, no tv..only good a good fantasy.
  16. much-noise

    much-noise New Member

    Be fair. Gary's website also says that abstinence may reduce testosterone:

  17. Journey to Freedom

    Journey to Freedom Vincere est Vivere

    This is a distinction a good number of new visitors to this forum seem to not realize.

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