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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by TommyNoKnock, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. TommyNoKnock

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    I like to cook and I like to eat. Beyond P, I've nearly always found great pleasure in video games and eating.

    What I've done pretty well the last few years is push some junky foods out of my diet (doughnuts, fries, soda) and add veggies in wherever possible. I'm also much better at getting up to move and stretch through my day.

    What I've not done as well is manage late night cravings. Last night I had some cheesy soft pretzels, chocolate ice cream, and chips and salsa for a snack. I really enjoy salty foods. Also, when I eat I tend to want to eat a good amount, whereas my wife is capable of a bowl of cereal as her only snack.

    Some of the things that have worked well or at lease been promising for me in the past are:
    • a wellness challenge (where points are awarded for good behaviors like exercise or eating veggies)
    • planning my menu out ahead of time
    • giving myself a calorie goal for the day such as 2,000 calories and adding up to that total through the day
    • trying to consume 20 grams of protein and less than 15 grams of carb per meal
    • working up to run a half marathon
    • reminding myself that I get to eat again in a couple of hours, so no need to overindulge
    • exploring an idea I heard recently to give the body a 10-12 hour break in digestion overnight

    My purposes for eating better are numerous. I'd like to sleep better, and think that eating less before bed might help me wake up more refreshed. My back is often tired or sore - and my legs stiff - so more stretching, lifting, and moving will help me feel physically fit and strong. I'd like to feel more proud and confident when I take my shirt off at the pool/beach. I want to feel confident in form fitting clothes. I want to have a strong back and spine so I can stay active and well and stand up tall into my 70's and 80's (I'm only in my 30's for now, but know that we become our habits). I want to have more energy and physical well-being to sprawl on the floor and play toys with my 2 year old son.

    I'm just beginning to connect to these motivations ... will appreciate hearing what motivates others, habits you take pride in, and things you do to keep this fun and positive for yourself and others. Thanks!
  2. TommyNoKnock

    TommyNoKnock Member

    I did hard manual labor for three days this weekend and found that my back was very tired. I'm proud of how hard we worked and the quality. It wore my willpower down some and I drank more soda and ate more crap then I normally would. Time to get back on track.
  3. Newnes

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    I did struggle with late night cravings a lot too. Switching to a low-carb (not ketogenic) / Paleo diet helped me. Stopping PMO helped too (O was a trigger to over-eat). Usually it would be dark chocolate; otherwise, figs, cheese and/or nuts.

    Resist the urges to eat sweets/salty foods. Your taste buds will adapt, and you'll enjoy healthy food.

    Maybe add a bit more protein? Protein is good to build muscle, lose fat and satisfy yourself as well as managing your blood sugar. Don't starve yourself, eat healthy foods first, then maybe indulge a little (and a little less every day). Intermittent fasting can be a good goal, now it helps me manage my cravings.
  4. TommyNoKnock

    TommyNoKnock Member

    Thanks Newnes! I think you are right on about eating healthy foods first before indulgences, and migrating away from the sweet/salty towards the natural healthy foods.

    Not everything I ate today was perfect, but I only ate what I needed for breakfast, ordered a baked potato (and skipped the Guinness for lunch), and ate a sensible amount of food for dinner. For snacking, I could have worked an apple w/ peanut butter in the mix and been better off I think than what I had instead.
  5. TommyNoKnock

    TommyNoKnock Member

    One positive step with my eating ... when I get those late night cravings I am now finding that they aren't very satisfying.

    Did some yoga yesterday as my legs were achy and sore and it helped considerably. I can tell that I'm hooking onto video games and tv and food and drink and MO in an attempt for comfort and to deal with my unease.

    I don't have much billable work and am allowing myself to catch up on house projects, get organized, and plan new ones. There is an uncertainty that comes with planning a new project as in: Are we doing the right thing? Both in terms of design choices and the corresponding costs as well as the scope and scale.

    Also, I get pretty carried away and next thing I know I'm trying to do everything at once and having trouble sleeping at night.
  6. TommyNoKnock

    TommyNoKnock Member

    I've sort of been at that place I described at the end of my last post. I've been working really hard to keep my focus narrow. I have the tendency to be overwhelmed by a large project or frustrated if I can check off a large chunk of it at the same time.

    I noticed some of the old temptations to watch porn returning a little bit. I think it's the desire to escape and experience pleasure and feel full of sexual desire and energy. So it's good that I stopped back here to reconnect with this place and my commitment.
  7. TommyNoKnock

    TommyNoKnock Member

    I'm here to take a fresh and honest look about where I'm at.

    I came across some forgotten 1/2 naked photos of women from my late teens and 20's and it was very exciting to me. For some reason, they represent a link to my young adult years I am reluctant to let go of, but perhaps I should. I MO-ed to them and that is getting too similar to P for my comfort.

    I'm concerned about my reoccurring impulses and habitual "hits." I am constantly checking my cell phone for notices about some toys/collectables I've been a bit obsessed with the last few weeks. I am craving coffee, beer, sugary drinks, ice cream, etc quite a bit.

    I've been reluctant to go to bed at night with trouble sleeping at times recently. I feel a bit unsettled and disorganized, unfulfilled and unresolved. As a result, I wake up feeling like shit most mornings.

    When it comes to work, I continue to chip away at my projects and tasks. It feels like the lists keep getting longer. In part, one action leads to the next.

    In another sense, without realizing it I've accepted a bunch more projects and tasks into my life. Primarily of late, I bought some items to resell (at a profit) because my income has been slowing lately and I felt I should do something to get some cash flowing. Also, I get pretty keyed up to go shop at rummages for those items which in itself kind of seems to feed that addictive need. I also found some free items and couldn't resist the urge to grab them even though they need a bunch of cleaning and work.

    The only path I can see out of this is forward. Advance my projects. Only say "yes" to the best and most important items. I've got to accept that addictive habits lead to feeling like shit. I will stop engaging them. I will accept that everyday life may not feel very fun, my body may hurt for awhile, and it will just take a few days/weeks to feel better. I will work hard and smart everyday.
  8. TommyNoKnock

    TommyNoKnock Member

    I'm back after a long hiatus to "recheck" myself as some old urges have temporarily returned.

    I'm working through a mini-marathon of a project this week and I find myself clinging to quick hits of "relief" from food, candy, tv, and internet diversions. Of course, while browsing the web you naturally come across click bait in the form of sexy women in bikinis, etc.

    I've been staying up late working and then unwinding after working and it's built up some exhaustion which makes the next day more difficult to start.

    My experience with this is that it runs it builds up and runs it's course until I crash and can reset again. I've got to both power through and do the best I can for my health and well-being as well as my family.

    Very happy to have this place to return to revisit some old thoughts and make some mental/emotional adjustments.
  9. TommyNoKnock

    TommyNoKnock Member

    I've become very aware of my use of stimulants in an attempt to add excitement and find "safety" in pleasure or mend my wounds.
  10. TommyNoKnock

    TommyNoKnock Member

    Have started revisiting excerpts and implementing practices from the book "Learning to Love Yourself" and I think it's a good place to be looking again. "I love myself unconditionally" is my new mantra when I feel impulses to eat or beat myself up.
  11. TommyNoKnock

    TommyNoKnock Member

    Eating good & stretching or lifting each day. Positive progress. Watching a lot of recorded tv and iphone games of late. Some minor temptation to look at revealing photos of attractive women. Squash that!

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