Have your experiences with prostitution been good or bad?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by lumbre, Oct 20, 2014.


Have your experiences with prostitution been good or bad?

  1. Yes - They have been mostly positive; enjoyable; productive

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  2. No - They have been mostly negative; disappointing; detrimental

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  1. Hello Penis My Old Friend

    Hello Penis My Old Friend Well-Known Member

    I've been with more than 10 but less than 20 hookers.

    Most of those experiences have been disappointing, but there were a few that stand out as fun experiences. Incidentally, three of those were in Spain, and one in France. I think Spain has a good setup with brothels, where they are basically just like normal bars but full of prostitutes. If you find one you click with you can almost forget the transactional nature of the experience. Another was in Paris, and that was a similar setup where there was tangible chemistry between us (and I mean tangible in a very definite, wet way). I think that the GFE experience is essential to an enjoyable prostitution experience, with kissing and at the very least well-feigned chemistry.

    My last experience, however, may have put me off them forever. I called one off the internet, she came to my house, but she was a young (18-20) Eastern European girl who didn't want to make eye contact, and I really felt that I was taking part in exploitation. I didn't go through with it and sent her away. I felt really dirty for a few days afterwards.
  2. lumbre

    lumbre Guest

    I do?

    I think you are mistaken. It is not me who talks a lot about good looking guys getting the girls; I simply agreed with a comment made by another guy.

    For me, it is more of an issue of social awkwardness and a lack of syncronicity with the cultural values of the females of the society in which I live. I just cannot connect with the people around me and I often feel like a distant and unperceived onlooker in group-type social situations, especially when with girls here in my country.

    The girls here tend to be quite cold, unsocial and even anti-social. They have practically no culture. Many are just deluded halfwit bimbos who do nothing more than abuse alcohol, take drugs, don't know anything about anything and expect all guys to drool over them. I just can't connect with girls here in the UK. As the warm-blooded person that I am, I only like real women, beautiful and warm Latinas, with whom I can relate just fine.

    I am a nice and sensitive person with a childlike soul who needs affection and friendship. The society in which I live is quite devoid of affection and genuine friendship. It can really be a lonely place. I have found that Latinas are much more friendly and affectionate. They too have childlike personalities and seem to understand me better. They are more cultured, empathetic and civilized than your average UK broad. British people are only more "civilized" in terms of technological superiority and economic strength, but in everything else such as human relationships, ethics and the art of good living they are close to savages and severely lag behind. I don't think that I'm the one with the problem. I am just being myself and I am much more compatible with nice and cute Latinas.

    Many Latinas see me as attractive. I have a much better time with girls when I am abroad.

    I am not in bad shape. I used to be in really good shape before I got depressed. I trained in the gym, practiced BJJ frequently and had an impressive physique. Even so, I still didn't attract girls. My problems are more social than anything else.
  3. rebooting

    rebooting Member


    And this is the best explaination:

  4. Hello Penis My Old Friend

    Hello Penis My Old Friend Well-Known Member

    How old are you OP?
  5. Journey to Freedom

    Journey to Freedom Vincere est Vivere

    Did you really need 2 random girls making youtube vids to tell you that looks matter?
  6. ls558

    ls558 Member

    Have you considered moving to Latin America? It's doable if you really want it.

    It's funny that you've had the same experience as me with women there. I tend to attract women from every culture except my own. Maybe it's because other cultures still appreciate a male who is more responsible and goal-focused rather than the guy who can drink the most.

    I have noticed a lot of the things you say are true for me too. I don't come from the UK, but I think all so-called first world countries are pretty much the same. Too many people corrupted by non-stop entertainment.
  7. lumbre

    lumbre Guest

    Yes I have. I would like to move to Latin America permanently in the near future. I have spent a significant amount of time in various regions of Latin America and have many friends there with whom I chat online. In fact, my first real relationship was with a South American girl whom I met abroad.

    I too believe that beginning a new life in Latin America is feasable. Many people hold certain prejudices against those regions since they are considered so-called third world countries, but I have seen the real Latin America and I believe that if you have a well-paid profession and form part of the middle class social stratum you are likely to enjoy a better standard of living than the equivalent social class in the likes of Great Britain where productive people are taxed exhorbitantly and the cost of living is generally so high that it rivals the Tower of Babel!

    I have a fluent command of the Spanish language and I am also making it my goal to learn Brazilian Portuguese up to proficency within 6 months.

    I have noticed that in so-called third world countries many people still appreciate human affection, solidarity and genuine friendship. Good personal qualities are valued. People tend to value more the simpler things in life.

    I am not sure why Western society has become the way it is. You seem to believe that it is because of excessive entertainment. I personally believe that entertainment and leisurely indulgence are a good thing and are closely linked to human happiness.

    If I may take a guess, I would say that people's cold, unsocial and materialistic mindset is due to a lack of the right kind of education. Most people are not taught how to reflect on their own lives and therefore have no philosophical basis for their morality, behavior and general outlook on life. For me, philosophy and ethics should be key subjects at any school that is going to be preparing kids and young adults for life in this world. I know that I am not alone when I say that education should also make civilizing people one of its primary goals.

    I believe that a truly happy society must not only have an education system that cultivates personal virtues, but also a rich culture of shared leisure and communal festivities for the emotional wellbeing of its citizens. Unfortunately, these characteristics and the art of good living in general are severely lacking in most northern cultures.
  8. TheAlternative

    TheAlternative New Member

    Never experienced it myself as a patron firsthand, but in my city and area (which has a lot of street prostitution) I was very involved with the police as a community partner (head of safety committee) going after human trafficking and johns who frequented drug addicted street hookers. I also attended "john school" for guys who get busted for soliciting as a testifying body.

    Let me tell you, some of the guys that get busted are just horrible scumbags who take advantage of underage drug addicted girls. Most of them were white males over the age of 50 who would never be able to find sex for free because they are horrible people. They would have no qualms about offering a teenage drug addict $20 for a blow job, knowing full well it was going straight into her arm because they just don't care. Most of them are sex addicts and get off on the rush of possibly getting caught. The pleasure is in the stalking aspect, and the sex is secondary. They don't care about diseases. They care about the power they have over a girl who needs money.

    I have no problem with prostitution and have tried many times to get girls at least off of the streets but it's never going away.
  9. leannfit

    leannfit New Member

    to judge you reach a conclusion based on facts
    otherwise you are giving your opinion

    Your facts are insuffeienct, therefor you are giving an opinion that paying for sex is bad

    why is that?
    you must think the same about eating food you do not prepare yourself, right?
    what about eating food you did not grow?

    I won't talk about how you don't make your own car, make your own clothes, etc the point is made

    When you don't want to expend the time/effort to make your own food/deal with women, you get food from somewhere else/you hire a woman to please you and don't date a women

    ---oh wait, when you date a women, etc, you STILL BUY SEX
    try having a gal pay for you THEN you get sex from it, let us know what you did
    so you must have an illogical problem with directly paying for sex ;D

    you can get a woman the way you find stuff on consumer reports

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