Have your experiences with prostitution been good or bad?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by lumbre, Oct 20, 2014.


Have your experiences with prostitution been good or bad?

  1. Yes - They have been mostly positive; enjoyable; productive

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  2. No - They have been mostly negative; disappointing; detrimental

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  1. lumbre

    lumbre Guest

    Some of my encounters with prostitution were quite stressful, not because the girls were unpleasant or anything like that, but rather because I have my own personal issues.

    I am often affected by anxiety in social situations with strangers and so going to the brothel alone could be quite an ordeal. I have always had issues concerning my own self-worth and often feel that I am not good enough to associate with certain people owed to the cruel abuse and marginalization to which I was subjected back in my school days. In short, I suffer from an inferiority complex because of a troubled past. I rationalize with my mind that such way of thinking is absurd and that I have a lot of value as a human being despite the opinions of others, yet at the same time the vestiges of this delusion remain in my subconscience and continue to warp my perception of myself.

    I find myself with beautiful ladies and become anxious about what they may think of me or whether they see me as a worthy man. It doesn't matter that they are sexual workers, I still feel that I have to be respected by them and gain their approval. I fear that they think I am a freak or a weirdo. This often makes me feel really stressed and causes me to perform poorly.

    When I go to the brothels I always choose a Latina because I feel more comfortable around females of that racial group. The Latinas there tend to be pleased to have a sexual encounter with me and often like my appearance. I get no such attention from European females. I feel like a real man when I have a good time with a Latina, gaining their approval, but when I am around European girls I feel like a worthless dork, unlikely to be accepted as a real man.

    I don't know if this kind of complex has a formal psychological name, but it is a condition that has affected me for most of my adult life.
  2. JG55

    JG55 Member

    I feel like a lot of what I've read on here about prostitution (including other threads), is that it doesn't often work well if you're trying to rewire.

    Do you guys agree with that?

    Then I hear some guys talk about it as being very addictive. Is that true too?
  3. Youngfella

    Youngfella Active Member


    I see two words: suggest and expect. Not "leave immediately or I will ban you".

    From where? Whole forum? Jeez... Okay, I won´t post in this thread anymore if that helps you keep your blood pressure down.
    Everybody loves free speech until you use free speech.
  4. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    No more cute remarks and no more complaints.

    Just take your medicine like a man and leave this topic to whence you came because believe me , banning you means nothing to me.
  5. Connoisseur of Lotions

    Connoisseur of Lotions Proactive Rehabber

    If I'm not mistaken, the old moderator 'The Underdog' rewired with prostitutes. He also said it was addictive.

    I don't know if you saw my post above but basically what I'm trying to say is if the girl stays with you the entire night AND it doesn't cost a lot of money, then it works well. Because even if you can't perform at first you still got all night to relax, order take out, watch TV... talking to the girl will help you chill out. Just having a naked woman next to you and touching is good for rewiring. If you still have PIED then sleep and try one last time with your morning wood. And if that still doesn't work then you're only out $100 AND you spent the night rewiring, getting used to being around a real life naked female.

    If you're going to a brothel and paying a high price for an hour or so, it puts a lot of pressure on you to perform, combined with PIED then you're probably going to leave the brothel with blue balls and in a worse state than before. For a guy who has very little or no sexual experience it might be a few tries before he figures out how to stay hard with a condom on. It took me at least twenty times!!
  6. lost 1

    lost 1 New Member

    I agree,the 30 minutes or hour booking is way not enough for a guy who has very little or no sexual experience (me). It took me five girls to finally come.I recently tried using escorts as my first ever experience with real women and all five have been good,the last being exceptional.Its because of my lack of performance with the first girl that I discovered I had PIED.I will probably try another two or so in order to help my rewire then get on with the really difficult part of making my life great.Ive got over the "having to pay for it" because if you get a girl/wife you will still have to pay for it in lots of ways, and as this is only a temporary thing its no big deal.There are some risks (less for the man) but the girls take good steps to minimise them.Also whilst theres a chance most men could find a partner, there are vast amounts of men who have virtually zero chance of getting a really hot chic.
  7. IcyEyes

    IcyEyes Member

    I'm just sayin' that treating girls like objects is the worst behaviour related to a life without porn (the ultimate objectivation of women).

    But especially is the complete opposite of a meaningful approach to intimacy, love, and obviously healthy sexual life.

    I repeat, I don't want to judge anyone.
  8. IcyEyes

    IcyEyes Member

    Seems like you have social phobia and a general disillusionment over people's evaluation of yourself.
  9. Connoisseur of Lotions

    Connoisseur of Lotions Proactive Rehabber

    I'm just sayin' that isn't the thread topic.

    But especially is already dealt with in previous posts.

    I repeat, I don't give a damn and nobody else does.
  10. lumbre

    lumbre Guest

    Seriously, I think I am speaking for many guys here when I say that I am getting sick of the evident sense of self-righteousness and the obvious hypocrisy of the invading "holier-than-thou" anti-prostitution bandwagon whose clueless followers claim that "guys who pay for prostitutes are bad misters and losers who objectify women" and then tell people that instead they can just lay some girls they meet in bars!

    Guess what! The kind of guys I have just described are doing exactly the same thing! The only difference is that there is no explicit monetary transaction.

    When they go out on the town and seek to lay a random girl in a bar, usually with the intention of a one night stand, they are not really interested in that girl as a person, they have no real interest in getting to know her in a sober state, they are only after one thing and that is the satisfaction of their own lustful desires. In short, their sexual behavior is practically identical to that of a client of a brothel.

    I see that there is a lot of hypocrisy with regards to sexuality in our society and that particular brand of hypocrisy has a lot to do with our society's remnants of archaic puritanical ways of thinking.

    Most human beings have a natural need for sexual pleasure. A fulfilling sexuality is a major component of a full life of happiness. Even when we are not in any relationship many people still crave for carnal enjoyment. In an attempt to satisfy that desire, some guys hook up with girls at bars for a one night stand, some guys seek out a sex friend on the internet and some guys go to a professional and pay for a sexual experience. Some guys even just sit at home and watch porn (I know which is worst)! There is no shame in any of the three real options. After all, you are only looking to fulfill your sexual needs and have some fun, right? Some people like to believe that the professional option is somehow dirtier and less moral. Who do they think they're kidding?

    The whole idea that having sex with someone purely for pleasure is somehow a thought-crime of objectification is entirely wrong from the start. It is the product of a warped over-puritanical mindset which distorts the essence of natural human sexual behavior. Sex with strangers can be seen as a mutual act of fun between two people and in the case of prostitution the client is even supporting a business.

    But some people are too prudish to understand :(
  11. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    Well said lumbre.
  12. rebooting

    rebooting Member

    The whole "Don't objectify women boohoo" thing is very naive. Women objectify men as much. All people, regardless of gender, objectify sexually. That's why animals pose to impress a potential partner. Women are attracted to looks and objectify men, based on looks. That is, broad shoulders, narrow hips, athletic looks, handsome face, nice haircut. Things like popularity help, but they are added extra's if the looks are already good. Do you really think any young chick would have sex with Ron Jeremy? Of course not. He's paid and artificially made popular. There is nothing wrong with objectification. That's what all men and women do. What is a "hot chick"? A girl with a great sense of humor, croocked nose and buck teeth? Obviously not. It's a girl with good outer appearance. AFTER acceptance of the good looks, people will investigate the personality of the person. The common mistake is "beauty is on the inside". Sure, but AFTER approving the outside. The outer appearance needs to be hot. THEN, things like humor, intelligence, caring and other personal attributes count. But looks come first. No girl thinks "hey, look at that fugly guy. He must have a great personality, he's my future boyfriend". Of course not. She thinks "eww, that guy is gross". But if a guy looks great, she will accept him as a potential boyfriend and THEN evaluate personal characteristics. AFTER approval of the looks. Anyone who thinks girls are blind for looks and check out random guys for their personality is extremely gullible. Girls friendzone guys that aren't hot, to take advantage of you. They will go fot hot guys unless they are very unattractive themselves and have no other option than choose a less good looking guy. That's why obese women have obese men. They will never get a hot guy. The same applies to ugly guys. They can't get a hot gf so they'll settle with an ugly girl or fap to porn.

    But a it more on-topic. A prostitute won't give you bonding, love and affection. It's purely transactional and mechanical. Either that or they fake. It's much better to have sex with an unattractive girl that truly loves you than a hot model-like escort that ignores you during sex.
  13. lumbre

    lumbre Guest

    Friendzone. That's a new word for me!

    I think that it's a really good term too. Many girls do friendzone guys and only take seriously guys with good looks. Therefore, they too are guilty of the oh so terrible thought-crime of objectifying people.

    It is sad to say this, but too many guys have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by the psychologically emasculating feminist bullshit you find in the media and in modern academia.

    Men are attracted to beautiful and feminine women and that is completely natural. Appreciating certain feminine features in a girl is not at all objectification. Enjoying the mutual pleasures of love-making is certainly not objectification. Real objectification is dehumanized humilliation. Things such as sadomasochism and rape simulation.
  14. rebooting

    rebooting Member

    Girls will try to convince you to not objectify them. While a bunch of naive guys fall for that, girls are in control and select the guys that they find hot. Telling guys not to objectify females is like training a puppy. The guys that buy into that tactic are the ones that finish last. The smart ones will continue to look for hot girls and go for it when they see one. Men think they are smarter than females, but a lot of men are way dumber. They allow themselves to be conditioned to think about not objectifying girls. That's where they are being friendzoned and abused for everything that they can be taken advantage of. Smart guys don't allow this. After all, females objectify men as much, maybe even more. Trust me, hot girls do not think "hey, that goofy looking ugly guy over there, he must have a great personality, I'll think of him as a possible bf". Of course she doesn't. Females are way more selective on looks. It's just sad that some men are so stupid to actually let themselves brainwash with "not objectifying and think that girls go for personality" and even enforce this on his fellow mates.
  15. JG55

    JG55 Member

    I'm not sure I entirely agree with that. Especially when a girl is looking for something more substantial than a one night stand.

    Have you ever seen a beautiful girl with her doofus boyfriend and said "whoa how did he land her?" Happens all the time.
  16. rebooting

    rebooting Member

    Like I said, all personal aspects of a man are fine and dandy, but that's AFTER he's selected by looks. Men are extremely naive and believe the "I go for personality in a guy!" nonsense. It's like a restaurant. No matter how great the food is, you'll never go inside if it's located in a shabby neighborhood. Most people go to overpriced restaurants in A-locations where the "master chef" is just an overrated sauce mixer that doesn't know shit about real cooking. You know, the typical French "master" cooks that we are brainwashed to admire.

    Women do prefer personal characteristics that make a good bf, but the selection is based on looks. She will choose a good-looking guy and THEN check out his personality. If a hideous-looking guy approaches her, she will do everything to avoid and ignore him. She'll go away before he has the chance to say hi. If a stud says hi, she'll get over-excited and tell everyone how nice he is. If an ugly guy says hi to her, she'll tell everyone that a creep approached her today.
  17. JG55

    JG55 Member

    We're getting OT here, but here I go anyway. Hideous and good looking are very subjective. If you have good hygiene, workout, know how to dress, and carry yourself well, you can impress a girl at her first glance. Even if you have bad genes or not have it "going on" in the Brad Pitt sort of way.

    Once again, I'm not sure what this means. It just can't be boiled down to such a simplification and that's not how it works in real life.
  18. ANewPerson

    ANewPerson New Member

    Just an observation:

    I know plenty of successful guys who have laid many women who occasionally visit hookers just for the fun of it because they accept their high sex drive and don't give a fuck. Again, these guys are very successful, can get women etc.

    The irony is I've also seen the type of guy who judges guys who visit hookers and ironically he's almost always the type of person most commonly referred to as a whiny loser.

    That said, some clientele of prostitution are typical "losers" so it's a completely neutral ground really.
  19. bossman

    bossman Member

    You don't have to be SUPER good looking to get a girl to really desire you. It's all about how you make her feel and your actions.
  20. ls558

    ls558 Member

    lumbre, I know how you feel. I also live in the wrong habitat. You talk a lot about good looking guys getting the girls. My advice is to become good looking. For men, it's not that hard. You can have an ugly face, as long as you're in great shape. Sometimes the ugly face even adds to it. I don't know what it is you don't like about yourself, but get in the gym and focus all of your effort towards it, and you will become attractive. You also might find that it's not about looks, it's about demeanor. That also improves once you're ripped.

    I've never payed for sex so I can't speak about this subject from experience. I do understand why guys do it though. Everyone else who hasn't payed for it, please don't judge these people, they just want to talk about their own views on an event that has happened in their lives. That's part of this healing process we're all going through.

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