Have your experiences with prostitution been good or bad?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by lumbre, Oct 20, 2014.


Have your experiences with prostitution been good or bad?

  1. Yes - They have been mostly positive; enjoyable; productive

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  2. No - They have been mostly negative; disappointing; detrimental

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  1. Mr. T

    Mr. T New Member

    Let the people who have experience on this topic have their discussion, for those of you who haven't this experience.. keep yourself on the sideline.

    No I don't have any experience with this, I only read some irrelevant posts. Simply put, don't judge and let people have their discussion.

    ..why would you waste your time on stuff you cannot change?

    Just my 2 cents, cheers!
  2. ManTheFUp

    ManTheFUp Own your life, or someone will own it for you.

    It's a big risk you're taking. Most (if not all) of the girls are hooked on some sort of drug. They always have infections, minor or major, still contagious. If you're going to go to one, wear a condom. Even if it's a blowjob because you can get STI's that way too. Even still you're not protected 100%. There's STI's that are transmitted just by skin contact of your crotches. And no it's not "only during a visible outbreak". Also the condom could break and shit like that. Clients have called back angry that they discovered they now have an STI.
  3. lumbre

    lumbre Guest

    Thanks for your response man.

    I know that we are not in Ancient Rome anymore, but I still don't believe that the example is outdated or particularly extreme.

    Our good friend Excelsus, a fictional character from my own mind, would most likely find a decent girlfriend and get laid in most of the cultures throughout the Empire, in spite of cultural differences, as you have rightly asserted. But let's suppose he was appointed to a really distant region of the Roman world and there the tribes were totally uncivilized. Let's suppose that the people there outright opposed the sofisticated philosophy of Mediterranean civilization, resented civilized culture as a foreign intruder, mocked Roman education and values, looked down on the high culture of the civilized world as an aberration, jeered at the progressive ethics of the republic and preferred to engage in immoral debauchery and acts of savegery that were extreme even by Roman standards. Their motives could have been cultural and religious. They could belong to a backward and extremist religious cult which favors obscurantism and opposes everything civilized. Such cases did exist in the ancient world.

    Anyway, Excelsus is stationed in that inhospitable land in the midst of the barbarians. There, he displays his virtuous qualities in an attempt to woo some local girls. He shares with them his high culture. However, he is mocked by the girls because his deep philosophical thinking and his use of reason are in stark contrast to the obscurantist religious fanaticism and the xenophobic exclusivity of the very alien host culture. He shares his compassion for marginalized people but in turn is hated by the cultist zealots who wish to murder and sacrifice those people. In short, Excelsus is not highly valued in the host culture as his virtues are so antithetical to the disvirtues of the savage barbarian society in which he has been forced to live. Unable to connect with such barbarious and uncultured females, he seeks refuge in a nearby brothel and has a girlfriend experience with a nice civilized Roman, Greek or Egyptian girl.

    Excelsus isn't a loser at all. He is a highly regarded and prominent Roman citizen who has many accomplishments and extollable virtues. Yet he his hated or ignored by the uncivilized barbarians who dispise his excellence and so he sees no alternative but to visit the local house of pleasure.

    You can find many modern examples too.

    Let's suppose that you are an educated, honest, hardworking and highly ethical person who happened to be brought up in a low-income culturally deprived ghetto neighborhood where everyone wants to be so gangsta. You are an oddball, a rare gem. You have many great qualities and you don't fit into that culture as a result.

    There, in da hood, the bad guys get all the chicks. They have their hands on all the bootay. They attract their uneducated girlfriends and hoes because they are so cool rapping about killin' people, bragging about drug use and mindless violence, showing off every last detail about their extensive criminal records, talking about all the girls they have mistreated, riding around in stolen vehicles and getting into fights and petty turfwars with rival gangs. You, on the other hand, are mocked for being intelligent, working hard instead of engaging in illegality, respecting the law and upholding morality.

    You have great virtues, but you are not valued at all in that culture which is actively opposed to civilized society and extolls mindless thuggery above refined excellence. You cannot attract a girl of that society because you are not valued on their warped terms.

    The point is that many people can be rejected as losers not because they are bad people but because of their good qualities or simply because those good qualities are generally ignored by the society in which they live.

    We see it all the time.

    Smart kids are bullied at school for being smart and studious. Honest people are mocked for being "suckers". The examples are countless.

    I get it, you personally don't like prostitution and that's fine, but I believe that it is not only unfair but also inaccurate to say that all men who pay for sexual encounters are losers.

    Sure, we could look longer and harder in order to find a good girlfriend, but often the loneliness sets in and we find it much more convenient to visit a brothel.

    I personally would prefer to have an erotic friend, a real girlfriend experience, but often I feel that such desire is outside of my control and so I resort to encounters with hookers. I don't think anything bad of it.

    By the way, my fictional character Excelsus is really a representation of myself in my current situation.
  4. rebooting

    rebooting Member

    It depends on the country you're living in. Also, drug use and STD's are problems of street hookers, certainly not brothels. In Europe, prostitution is relatively safe and controlled. Most STD's are from casual sex with strangers. You have a much higher risk of getting an STD from a party girl than a hooker. Most hookers have a lot of control during sex. They keep their hand at the pussy to make sure it goes well. They have way more intercourse experience than the average girl that you meet somewhere. Casual sex is much more dangerous.
  5. Youngfella

    Youngfella Active Member

    No. Just felt like saying it.

    And lumbre, I truly admire your knowledge of ancient Rome but let´s stay in the 21st century, okay?

    Just to know, I wasn´t the one who used the word "loser" first and said I kinda agree. Just saying that mostly the guys who go to a prostitute are well, I don´t know how to put it but they take the easy way out. They kinda give up. Or well hell, what do I know, don´t know any guy in real life who has visited a prostitute, maybe they´re all alpha males or really awesome dudes. But I doubt it. And like ManTheFUp said, is it worth it to get like 15 minutes of pleasure and quite likely ( more likely than with a real life girl, let´s not start about talking this okay ) get a disease for the rest of your life?

    And yeah, I had a little feeling that Excelsus was you, lumbre.

    Of course they have more experience, they´re freaking hookers! But by what you have said, you would, to avoid getting a disease, fuck a girl who has fucked like, I don't know, over 100 guys than a girl who has been with, let's say, 3 guys?
  6. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    Young fella you have no idea what you are talking about and I suggest you leave the debate

    All kinds of men from all walks of life visit prostitutes. Users are mostly rich men who are married who have want to have their bit on the side but avoid complication. Plus they have the money to do so, as this kind of thing is not cheap

    But men are willing to pay because it is hassle free, much safer than one night stands in that you are dealing with women who use protection at all times for both oral and penetrative sex. The high class ones anyway

    The girl you meet in the bar who goes out to score drunk every weekend is just as likely to be a carrier than a prostitute because they are less likely to use protection. The one night stand girls I have met myself usually careless during sex, not bothered about using protection at all and just tell you they are on the pill.

    Plus you do not have to deal with any drama and get to explore any fantasy with someone who is experienced rather than an amateur

    I am no way advocating prostitutes as it can easily become an addiction but to be stuck in the old outdated belief that all prostitutes are dirty street walker skanks for losers who can't get women is just ridiculous.
  7. lumbre

    lumbre Guest

    Yes, I often lose myself in my own paracosm, a parallel fantasy world, in order to escape this hellish melancholic reality. This is to keep me sane in this material prison.

    The guys who pay for sexual encounters with ladies of pleasure are various. You can find bust-up chumps who are desperate for a girlfriend, athletic and attractive alpha males who are looking for some easy pussy, normal guys who just want some female company without all the bs, guys who have loads of money to throw around and just think what the hell, guys who get used to model-type girls like the ones you typically find at the decent brothels, guys who get more excited when with prostitutes because the animalistic nature of that sort of experience turns them on (my friend who introduced me to the brothels is in this category), etc.

    My reason for sleeping with hookers was because I wanted to live life. I wanted to enjoy sexual encounters just like any other male. At 26, a man should be enjoying sexuality. I wasn't experiencing the fullness of life at the time so I went out and decided to do something about it.

    My friend, who gets all the girls he wants yet also frequents brothels, introduced me to the venues and we both slept with a girl each like healthy red-blooded males!
  8. Youngfella

    Youngfella Active Member

    True Metal, I don´t really know about prostitutes or prostitution, haven´t really researched the topic ( don´t really care actually ).
    Just saying that if I wanted to avoid a disease, I would fuck some normal girl and not a prostitute who has probably fucked, who knows, 200 different guys? Fortunately I don´t have to worry about who I have sex with ( no offense anyone ),that's off-topic, but I´m only thinking about the odds here.

    That's great that you decided to live life, really. But just saying, you could do it for free too. But what do I know, if you wanna visit prostitutes then you do it, I ain't gonna say a word. You know my opinion already so yeah.
  9. Journey to Freedom

    Journey to Freedom Vincere est Vivere

    The fact that you think that the only place you can possibly have sex with a pro is a brothel shows your absolute ignorance of the sex trade.

    Also, the paranoia you are spewing of "a disease for life!" and "just once and you'll have it for life!" shows your remarkably childlike mentality towards discussing the subject.

    You sounds like the sunday school teachers making up horror stories in order to scare impressionable young kids from ever thinking of doing something they found objectionable.

    You sound like a child yourself. Those scare-mongering lessons still haunting your mind?

    Thinking that every women who has every engaged in the transaction of trading sex / fantasy fulfillment for monetary compensation is hooked on prescription drugs is laughably ridiculous.
  10. Journey to Freedom

    Journey to Freedom Vincere est Vivere

    Then don't spew ignorant opinions about topics you don't know much about.
  11. ManTheFUp

    ManTheFUp Own your life, or someone will own it for you.

    When did I say you can only have sex in a brothel with a sex worker? I didn't. Your assumption is annoying. I'm 23 and I've been around prostitution since I was 10 so please remind me again how I'm ignorant of the sex trade?
  12. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    Right so you actually have no experience with prostitutes, no knowledge about the different types and don't really care about the topic. Just in here for the craic and to talk out of your backside

    One might actually mistake you for a troll on that basis.

    Now, I do not expect to see another post from you in this thread
  13. bossman

    bossman Member

    Why do you defend prostitutes so fiercely?
  14. Connoisseur of Lotions

    Connoisseur of Lotions Proactive Rehabber

    Damn this same discussion pops up every few months and never stays on topic!
    Pay attention to the damn thread title! It's not asking if you think prostitution is a good thing or not, it's asking about personal experiences.

    I've had bad and great experiences with hookers. Visiting cheap prostitutes (and staying away from porn) was how I successfully rewired the first time. I had cured PIED before I ever visited YBOP and knew that ED could be caused by porn. My first times I had full blown PIED and basically left with nothing but frustration. After several weeks and two dozen visits I was rewired and feeling confident. This was in SE Asia. Over there you can pay $100 for 'Long Time' which means the girl stays overnight, so if you have any problems with your pecker you can wait for the whiskey dick or anxiety to go away, take a nap then try again, take a pill, etc In German rates were similar to the USA it was $300 an hour , if you can't get it up your SOL.

    Not sure why some guys here think that visiting a hooker is like being bitten by a zombie 100% chance of infection, think about it guys they have to stay as clean as possible in order to make money!!
  15. lumbre

    lumbre Guest

    Could I really?

    I didn't have my first real girlfriend until I was 23. Since then I have never slept with a girl except by paying.

    Why is this? Is it because I am a loser?

    I am unable to prosper socially with girls where I live because here I am a social misfit whose personal qualities are not valued by this society. I would always ask myself why. Am I an asshole? Am I a freak? Am I a loser? The answer is no! I came to the conclusion that I am a regular guy who is simply confined to the wrong habitat. Here, in this place, people are fuckin' savages whose narrow perspective on life is a total perversion. They have made me believe all my life that I am abnormal but now I can see that I was normal all along and that it is they who are abnormal.

    Sometimes I am free to break out of my hellish prison and travel abroad. In the countries I visit, I am valued as a normal guy and loved by females. In fact, I met my only ever girlfriend abroad in Latin America. I can only live life when I am in the right environment for me. Here, in my metaphorical prison, I am condemned to a life of loneliness and mental torture.

    Unable to connect with any females here in the UK, I satisfy my sexual desires by going to brothels and sleeping with foreign women who are not barbarians.

    You might think that what I write is a little extreme, but welcome to the world of my twisted and tormented mind!
  16. Mr. T

    Mr. T New Member

    That's what I was talking about!!

    If you have no experience on this, or honest opinion, why worry?

  17. rebooting

    rebooting Member

    Prostitution is not for 'losers'. Most visitors are married and want better sex. A very small minority of visitors are single. It's a cliche to think guys go to prostitutes because they can't get laid.
  18. Journey to Freedom

    Journey to Freedom Vincere est Vivere

    A very ignorant cliche at that
  19. Youngfella

    Youngfella Active Member

    Most visitors are married? Real heroes there, real heroes.
  20. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    What did I tell you about posting in this thread?

    One more post from you in here and you will be gone.

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