Have your experiences with prostitution been good or bad?

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Have your experiences with prostitution been good or bad?

  1. Yes - They have been mostly positive; enjoyable; productive

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  2. No - They have been mostly negative; disappointing; detrimental

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  1. lumbre

    lumbre Guest

    Those of you who have had experiences with prostitution, please participate in the poll and share your experiences.

    My experiences with prostitutes so far have been mostly negative.

    I have only slept with ladies of pleasure in Europe, in the beautiful land of Spain to be precise. However, something tells me that the hooker business is not as good in Europe compared to places like Latin America for example.

    When I was a resident in a certain Spanish city, I used to frequent a pair of girl bars in my local vicinity and pay for the services of a girl of my choice. The brothels were of decent quality and the girls there were generally like models. The venues were quite well hidden. I was introduced to them by a good friend of mine.

    In hindsight, I believe that the services were a bit of a rip-off. In one of the bars 50 euros would buy you half-hour of pleasure and in the other the same sum would buy you only 20 minutes! Don't get me wrong! I was still like a little kid in a candy shop choosing between all those perfect big titties! But once in the hotel room there was no passionate kissing and no acts of intimate affection, not even simulated. This was a problem for me at times. On at least two occasions I sensed the mechanical nature of the business and was unable to get a full boner. I am used to passionate kissing and caressing before the love-making act and without such I can have problems getting excited. I am an extremely affectionate person.

    Also, being forced to wear an unnatural condom affects me psychologically. I am used to the pleasure of feeling a nice moist pussy and so when I have to confine my manly sabre to a humilliating sheath all that pleasure is nullified from the start. Some men are unable to ejaculate with condoms.

    I recall that one experience was pretty good though. It was with a pretty busty Colombian girl at my favorite of the two bothels. We developed a friendly bond from the start and that made the situation much more enjoyable. I played with her big titties and rode her as a great stallion mounts his mares. In fact I told her that I was her stallion and that she was my mare! She even gave me extra time. It was so awesome. That was a pretty great experience. It made me feel more like a real man. I could connect more with my masculinity and my autogynephilic obsessions disappeared for a while. Sex with women is the best thing for masculinity!

    I don't think I am really built for the prostitution experience and I would much rather have a sex friend with whom I can also form a personal relationship, but since it is so hard to get pussy in my area I am considering trying out some Thai massage parlours in the nearby city. I wonder what candy there is there. I personally believe that cute Asian girls look even better with a good pair of silicone boobies.
  2. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Generally bad. Only had 2 'good' experience which were only good in comparison to the other 30 times they still didn't meet any expectations i had.
  3. Yeah one thing I noticed too is that I do need that emotional connection/bonding for the experience to be enjoyable. 99% of the time, the woman is too mechanical, and some even outright decline kissing/caressing because they don't want it to be an intimate experience. There have been a few exceptions, but in those cases, I enjoyed the foreplay, kissing and caressing more than the actual sex itself. My one experience with getting a private lapdance from a European model type woman was not very enjoyable at all. I wanted to get out of there but didn't want to hurt the girl's feelings. I have concluded that I won't be doing the paying for sex/lapdance thing anymore because I need that emotional connection.
  4. Panonymos

    Panonymos Humility is a virtue

    My experiences with prostitutes have been mostly good. Of course I treat them with respect and almost always I have a pleasant interaction with them. I always have been with them with an open mind and little expectations, so whatever happens is nice. They are women like any other and just like with any woman, communication and respect is key.
  5. Dave Scot

    Dave Scot New Member

    Hi, I've been with two, the first one was on the phone on and off for most of the time and no penetration to place but she did put on a fine display with some dildos,which was nice! After that experience (that was about ten years ago) I didn't think about using one again till two weeks ago, my brother had been seeing one ( that is till his wife found out), so I booked her. I've seen her six times over the last few weeks but maybe because of the last 14,15 years of only having had sex with the computer screen could not get a full erection but because she is such a lovely pleasent person and has such a cracking body, that dosn't matter to me at all although it's more frustrating to her because she is so up for sex! She is not a full time prostitute and is just trying to make enough money to look after her young baby, so apart from the fact my whole waking hour is spent thinking of nothing but her has it been a good experience,when I get over the whole affair maybe I will know? Unless she comes back from abroad where she lives I don't think I will ever bother again. Best regards David.
  6. Fiddler

    Fiddler Active Member

    Overall it has been good (I voted yes then). My experiences have been all around Europe and in Latin America. I find it's very important to specify this as the "service" changes a lot according to the country. To make it into a list (because everybody loves lists):

    - Latin America: 10% bad or meh, 90% good
    - Italy: 50%/50%. Here it depends a lot on the amount of money you spend
    - Portugal and Spain: 30% bad, 70% good. Girls from African colonies were the bad ones, brazilans and latinas were overall all pretty good
    - Germany (where I had the most experiences): 20% bad, 80% good. Again, latinas and black girls all good, EE girls 50/50%, other european countries mostly mechanical sex (but I managed to find a couple of gems)

    Also I believe it's important, very, to add that I'm still young (early 30s) and in good physical shape, which for girls used to older men is a welcomed change. My experiences are probably very influenced by that.
  7. IcyEyes

    IcyEyes Member

    I don't want to judge anyone, but I think that spending money in order to have sex is for losers.
  8. Youngfella

    Youngfella Active Member

    I kinda agree.
  9. NotAnymore

    NotAnymore New Member

    Bad, because 'she' (had a dick, lol). :-X
  10. lumbre

    lumbre Guest

    Paying for sexual encounters has nothing to do with being a "loser".

    In colloquial language a loser is usually a contemptible person with very few or next to zero personal qualities, virtues or points of excellence. A good example of a loser would be a petty delinquent who is content with a low life of drug abuse, theft and alcoholism and who makes no effort to better his situation, develop a virtuous character, cultivate personal excellence, learn new skills or expand his level of consciousness. In short, a true loser has no strength of character, very few positive attributes and very little value as a person.

    This is not the profile of the average client of prostitution. Most of us who have payed for sexual encounters do have many good personal qualities, inalienable virtues and a highly desirable excellence of character. Many of us are completely regular guys who have cultivated excellence in certain areas of our lives and in reality have a lot of positive things to give to the world.

    However, such virtues are not always valued sufficiently by the society in which we live. You can possess many excellent characteristics but still be rejected in a culture where those points of excellence are undervalued or neglected. Some guys are excellent people but find themselves in an incompatible habitat where they have no success with females due to the adverse values of the host culture. Such guys often resort to prostitution in order to satisfy their very natural sexual needs.

    A guy like that is no "loser". After all, he has many good human qualities. He is misunderstood in a very alien society. It is only by the highly subjective and often baseless ideals of that society that he is considered to be a "loser". However, in many cases, our society only views the exterior and fails to see the internal qualities of its people.

    Maybe you should reconsider your idea of who is a loser and who is not.
  11. Youngfella

    Youngfella Active Member

    If a guy has all of this, he can get sex without paying for it.
  12. coolmusti

    coolmusti Go hard or go home

    Bad, bish made my room smell like a fish market.
  13. lumbre

    lumbre Guest

    Did you really read the whole of my post?

    As I tried to explain, what constitutes personal qualities and desirable characteristics is often subjective and highly dependant on which society you are in. You may possess some very good virtues, but still not be highly valued by the opposite sex if those specific virtues are not highly regarded in that particular society.

    Maybe you will understand me if I give you an example.

    Our friend Excelsus is an intelligent, eloquent, well-read, cultured, compassionate and honorable man. He has worked extensively on his own character in order to better himself as a human being. However, he soon finds himself appointed to another part of the Empire where he must live among a tribe of uncivilized barbarians whose society doesn't value culture, eloquence, refinement of the intellect or compassion and has a completely alien concept of honor. Among the barbarians his personal qualities are mocked, jeered, opposed or just ignored. The barbarians are heartless savages who are incapable of valuing anything outside of the narrow perspective of their little backward society. Our dear Excelsus, though sincere in his treatment of others, finds himself rejected by the alien society's females who prefer much more uncultured activities and he longs to get back to his home and meet a cultured Roman woman with whom he can relate.

    Excelsus is a man with many excellent properties; he has a lot to offer as a human being. However, his good points are not seen as valuable by the very different barbarian tribe and Excelsus finds himself out of place and on the margins in spite of his highly cultivated virtues. As a consequence of this, he gives up on the local females who are unable to understand him and his customs and he decides to fulfill his needs by soliciting the service of a nice lady of pleasure at a nearby brothel.

    Now can you sympathize with the point I am trying to make?

    The truth is that society has many misfits who do indeed possess many great personal virtues. The problem is that they are just misunderstood or undetected by our society which tends to be superficial and only sees the most external layers of an individual.

    Today's society tends to value really superficial attributes and judges the worth of people based on their sexual hunting prowess. Our society labels people who don't fit into that narrow mold as "losers". Besides, some modern societies hold very aristocidal tendencies in that they downplay excellence and instead extoll lowbrow culture, mindless debauchery and thugish behavior.

    Are you really only capable of seeing the world through the warped lenses of our even more warped modern society?

    I have had various experiences with hookers and I know that I have some very good personal virtues. I don't think for one second that I am a loser. Only in my own society, an incompatible habitat for myself, am I not valued highly.
  14. Youngfella

    Youngfella Active Member

    I did and I must say you´re probably the best writer in this forum, at least what I´ve seen.
    But I just wanted to comment on this particular point.

    I can but I think your example is a bit extreme. This is not ancient Rome. No place is that white and black in real life. There are "normal" people, smart people, dumb people, crazy people, intelligent people and on and on, you get the point. A guy who had those attributes that you listed may very likely attract a girl who shares the same attributes or at least some of them.

    This Excelsus guy who is "an intelligent, eloquent, well-read, cultured, compassionate and honorable man who has worked extensively on his own character in order to better himself as a human being" would get laid. Maybe not in the way that he goes to a club and gets a new girl every night but he sure as hell could get a girlfriend ( to then have sex with ).

    The word loser is a difficult word but let me put it this way. We forgot all of the norms and rules and just say in which man´s shoes you would like to be more. They are the same person but with one difference.
    Man A has sex with girls and doesn´t have to pay for it.
    Man B pays girls to have sex with him.
    I mean come on, would you really be the Man B? You use your hard earned money to have sex while you could get it for free.

    Nope, I´m not.
  15. ManTheFUp

    ManTheFUp Own your life, or someone will own it for you.

    I know someone who owns a brothel. I will never have sex with a prostitute.
  16. Youngfella

    Youngfella Active Member

    Neither will I.
  17. Journey to Freedom

    Journey to Freedom Vincere est Vivere

    Do you want a pat on the back for that?
  18. Panonymos

    Panonymos Humility is a virtue

    Lumbre, you are wasting your breath.
  19. ManTheFUp

    ManTheFUp Own your life, or someone will own it for you.

    Do you want a disease that you'll have for the rest of your life because you wanted to put it in a hole that's hooked on prescription meds? I know all about the problems that go on at a brothel.
  20. Journey to Freedom

    Journey to Freedom Vincere est Vivere

    You seem like an expert on brothels.

    Care to share for more of your brothel expertise with the fine users of this forum?

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