Have i permanently ruined my penis

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  1. So here's the story.I am 17 years old and i startd masturbated at the age of 11 always with porn.About 1 year ago i beacame good at edging so i could easily masturbate for 4 or 5 hours easily.Then Porn Induced Ed made its appearance.I stopped having erections 8 months ago.I cannot get hard not even by fantasizing not even by my own hand.With porn,erection strength is 50%.Hours and hours of daily edging ruined my penis.It has shrunk and it is pale and occasionaly it has scars.I think that severe-PIED is caused by edging not by porn.I dont think PMO can cause severe-PIED.But edging destroys erectile health.Do you know if i have permanently ruined my penis or if i stick to no arousal method eventually my libido and erections will return after months or years?Or am i doomed and condemned beacuse of a continuous series of mistakes and bad decisions?
  2. Ramy

    Ramy New Member

    I have the same problem, I had a good shaped penis after years of masturbation untill one day I went crazy rough on it and it got swollen for some time and since then it never went back to normal shape, so yes I am pretty sure that is penile tissue damage, it is an awful thing I know, but good thing is if we stop masturbation they will heal, will they be back as normal? I don't really care, as long as I can really get hard and get the thickness back.. I am thankful. So we need to stop right now, because friction will only make it worse, not only it will destroy the penile tissue, but it also will destroy and maybe block the blood capillaries that get the penis hard in the first place.

    And about PIED, I recommend that you watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0dDLWGMhUo , and go through this http://yourbrainonporn.com/erectile-dysfunction-question , and eventually do not worry, everything will be alright and everything will heal, there is always a way, but just one thing.. knowing the fact that your penile tissue will heal doesn't mean you could go on and keep on masturbating because you know sooner or later you will go back to normal, thinking this way might get you to actually damage it without a chance of getting back to normal, so start now, and be thankful you are only 17 years old, they younger you are the easier for you to get back on the right track and be a normal man. good luck my friend.
  3. Thanks bro and good luck to you too.From my experience i think that if i dont stop masturbating my penis will never heal.I really hope it will be back to normal someday maybe not too far from now otherwise i am already depressed and not being able to have sex would break me.Anyway good luck man.
  4. Illi

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    yeah i'm pretty much the same man. edging is one of the worst thing you can do. give it a good long break. kinda sounds stupid but masturbation isn't the enemy, porn is, and for people like us it's porn and edging. i don't recommend it it, but after a while if you gotta masturbate, don't watch porn and don't edge, just do it and get it over with lol.
  5. Choice-R-Us

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    You can test what happens, if you rub your arm on the same spot for five hours straight. This might give you some insight to what happens to your penis when you do the same thing to him, repeatedly. Were you at least using lubrication? (Sorry if this sounds judgemental, I actually used to do the same thing, edging for endless hours).

    The human body is awesome, it can heal lots of things by itself with enough rest. So reduce your masturbation significantly. If you really want to masturbate, use lubrication and keep it rather short. You can try using lotion to support the recovery, doesn't have to be something fancy or expensive, but it should be cleared to be used in sensitive areas. Avoid the snake oil stuff that is being offered.

    The NoArousal method is more or less only for "rebooting fundamentalists" and more of a spiritual approach than being evidence based. Just cutting out porn, living/working on improving your life and probably rewiring will do the trick for most guys and you don't have to turn into a monk.
  6. Ramy

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    I have got to disagree with you here my friend, you reminded me of that big time tv doctor that said masturbation itself is not wrong, it's doing it frequently, so basically it's "okay" to masturbate, and from my experience I think that doctor knows nothing about what she is talking about, because in my case and "The sniper show" case, masturbation literally "ruined" our penises, not porn. porn may have been a "helping hand" in the harm. but if you think about it you can masturbate using your imagination, you can masturbate over the phone, you can masturbate in the shower, it's the process itself! the friction that lead to destroying your penile tissue, if had the option to watch porn for the rest of my life and not masturbate and have a healthy penis, I would watch it non stop, because a sex scene won't destroy my penile tissue, my hand will. and OF COURSE here I am not saying porn is not the problem, porn is a demon, but just let's not treat masturbation as an "okay healthy" habit, because it's not even close to that.
  7. Illi

    Illi New Member

    0_o...considering men have been masturbating since the beginning of time, and P.I.E.D didn't manifest itself until the explosion of internet porn...no, masturbation isn't the problem causing your decline in erectile health, unless you've been masturbating with a hammer and a glove coated in sand paper...porn is the main culprit, for instance would you edge for 4-5 hours without porn?...no of course you wouldn't...also i had P.I.E.D before i found out about it, it got cured when i lost my internet, i didn't stop masturbating, the only variable removed was porn. 4-6 months later i was perfectly okay, of course when i got my internet back i started watching porn, and the problem came back within a couple months.

    ...."if had the option to watch porn for the rest of my life and not masturbate and have a healthy penis, I would watch it non stop, because a sex scene won't destroy my penile tissue, my hand will"...yeah...k...except with P.I.E.D, the problem is in the brain...any irritation to the penis caused by masturbation, heals pretty quickly given adequate time to heal (unless you've been masturbating with a hammer) if you do your research here, and on YBOP you'd know its not a physical problem, its in the brain. edging for hours and hours elevates your dopamine and keeps it there. there's a nice sticky at the top of the forum by Gary Wilson explaining this.

    the only way you could possibly cause permanent damage from masturbation would be masturbating extremely vigorously (that hammer again) and causing a penile fracture. if you caused a penile fracture, you would know, it makes a popping noise, and is very painful...in that case without immediate medical attention your fucked...but i've never heard of that happening from masturbation its usually caused by vigorous sex with the woman on top. look up pictures of it...its obvious if that happens.

    i'm not a medical professional, nor have i ever given advise while claiming to be such....but you've claimed to be a medical student and have given advise...do me a favor...and everyone else on this site a favor...don't give medical advise on here, it can cause people to not go to a real doctor.

    and, i never said " hey kid, keep masturbating" i simply said that after a good while if the opportunity to have sex doesn't present itself masturbate, but don't watch porn or edge while doing it....there are some people that after a really long reboot need to have sex, or masturbate to pull themselves out of a flatline...some people feel that never masturbating again is the answer...for them it may be...but, that thought can cause problems, some people (including myself) masturbate naturally, consider it a relapse, and say "fuck it" and go masturbate to porn. it's important to realize masturbation isn't a relapse, but masturbating to porn is...

    anyway man, i could keep picking apart your post, and your seemingly flawed logic...but maybe i don't understand, and not masturbating at all ever again is a personal/religious choice...in that case, that's all you...but there is more than one way to reboot, but they all include completely removing porn...it doesnt always have to be "hardmode"

    illi out.
  8. Ramy

    Ramy New Member

    I am sorry I didn't read everything you typed there because the first line says you got me wrong, but if you go back to what I said you will see that I said porn is a demon and it is a serious addiction that will mess up your brain big time physical and emotional wise, but maybe you just don't have our very problem that is "penile tissue damage", and again if you go back to what I said, I said "porn doesn't damage your penile tissue itself, your hand does". and I know that's my problem, and that's the thread maker's problem too, I don't know about yours, so you keep masturbating if you please. :)
  9. Illi

    Illi New Member

    yeah, i understood your post...you pretty much said masturbation can permanently damage your penile tissue. porn wont cause penile tissue damage and neither will normal masturbation..."the sniper show" never eluded to any physical damage done to his penis...he just said he edged and thought that edging to porn causes severe PIED, and i agree with him on that. its almost impossible to cause physical harm to your penis through regular masturbation. the "deathgrip" can cause loss of sensitivity, but its not permanent.

    penile tissue damage is not the OPs problem, PIED is. if you've seriously caused damage to your penis i suggest you go see a doctor immediately

    if you had read it you would have seen my point.
  10. As a conclusion we can say that if edging is the fire then porn is the gasoline.And masturbation is not a healthy habit because too easily it gives place to porn.Porn becomes loss of of sexual desire for real people.Loss of sexual desire for real people becomes more porn.More porn becomes addiction.Addiction becomes edging.Edging becomes PIED.PIED becomes depression.Depression becomes social shutdown.Social shutdown becomes even more porn.I can go on all day but you get my point.Porn is the problem but rarely does it cause ED if it isnt combined with edging.
  11. Illi

    Illi New Member

    true...very true, but porn can lead to ED with a partner, even without edging....i just think, that the misconception that MO is a relapse, is what causes people to go back to porn. for instance, if someone goes a couple months without PMO then they get really horny and MO, then they freak out because they think they relapsed, so they figure they might as well relapse right, and the whole cycle starts again.
  12. Yes i agree.We are too blind and stupid to see that masturbation and porn takes nuts and we think that automatically the urges will go away and we will recover.But when reality punches hard in the face and someday we masturbate(we are sexual creatures) instead of being happy with the progress we are making we escape reality with damned porn.This is how stupid and self-destructive we are
  13. atp

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    I am wondering the same thing. Like you, I used to edge for hours on end, sometimes the entire day. Along with PIED, that much edging for years has to take its toll and cause some physical damage, right? Along with the act of masturbating, your penis is literally hard for hours. Is it possible for this to cause some kind of physical damage and if so can it heal?
  14. Sensitivity has definetely been lost.But i think that abtaining both from masturbation will eventually get ti back.But we have to wait a lot.If normal reboters recover from PIED at the 4th,5th or 6th month i think we will have to wait at least a year and this will be just the beginning of our recover.
  15. luzmc

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    Hi men, I'm 29 now and in exaclty the same situation as yours. Last 3-4 years I used to edge for hours and last 2 years my erection quality was getting worse form month to month. I'm able to be only about 50-60% hard now... Today is day 5 of my reboot and I don't feel nothing, my penis is dead... And it is so scary cause when in earlier years, several times I had no possibilities to masturbate for a couple of days (when i was on hollydays with my friends) i was so excited that I thought I would explode. .It was so, even a year ago .. For the last year I have also a post micturation dribble - little urine leakage mostly every time after peeing and i read that it can be an effect of pelvic floor issues or prostate inflamation and these both problems can be caused by overmasturbation... I'm so scared that i did myself a permanent damage...
  16. I dont know man if we have made a permanent damage to our penis.Time will tell.As for your pelvic floor dysfunction,i have the same problem with you.You should try kegels and your prostate health will definetely be improved.Again i wish good luck to all fellow rebooters who think that they have damaged their penis with edging
  17. MichaelT99

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    You guys should check out a creme called Man1 Man Oil. It is made just for masturbation damage like this and repairs and restores sensitivity, skin texture etc. I use it and it has really helped me out.. totally safe too. Google it and check it out at least. Hope this helps.

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