Has anyone tried the "Warm Turkey Method"?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by P-Ley, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. P-Ley

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    So I found this on WikiHow:


    Has anyone tried it? If so, does it work or does it just delay the recovery process?
    Please only answer if you gave it a try (with these specific monthly sub-divisions); I'm not interested in the ideological standpoint of "omg just go cold turkey be a man don' be a p***y".
  2. MoneyMike34

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    Honesty this is kinda what I've been doing somewhat. I went 96 days no PMO but I was MOing every 6 days or so. And I only watched Porn twice during that time. Then I kind of binged but now I'm back on that track. I've went 34 days no PMO and I MOed like 4 times during that 34 days. And watched porn 3 times. I never heard of this tho it just happened to be what I was doing. It seems to be working fine. I think I'm focused on trying to end the MO at this point (just a personal choice) you could give it a try
  3. Xerophyte

    Xerophyte Oi you, don't call me a jerk!

    I developed a similar approach


    Just advertising 8)

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