Has anyone here read No More Mr Nice Guy by Glover? Did you like it? Would you..

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by germanshepherd07, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. germanshepherd07

    germanshepherd07 New Member

    recommend it?

  2. WhirlwindTobias

    WhirlwindTobias Man Against Mediocrity

    I would say it's necessary reading for any gents who are struggling to release/develop their masculinity.
  3. Mr-NoFap

    Mr-NoFap YOLO #NoFap :-)

    I'm in the middle of reading it and I like it. I can certainly recognize myself in a lot of what he writes and I will highly recommend it to anyone who think they are nice guys:)
  4. BrEak-Free

    BrEak-Free Member

    I m reading it , and word by word i m thinking more that i may have the nice guy syndrome anyway good book.

    as a matter fact my little quote down here is because of the book referring that the nice guy is the most dishonest man on earth because he is being nice to get what he wants and therefor deceives and lies to everybody around him even if he's telling the truth.
  5. wojtekoxx

    wojtekoxx One-armed bandit

    I tried this book two times. Firstly, I've read some first pages and thought to myself "wow, it must be about me!". Then I've read some more pages and thought to myself "wow, they are describing some pathetic losers who kiss women ass all the time and can't score. I had too much girlfriends to be like this". And I forgot about the book. But this year, when I was bored in a train, I thought I will spendy 4 hours of my laptop battery time reading something. When I got through more pages I understood, that YES I am nice guy, that having gilfriend then next girlfriend with very little time inbetween is not a sign of being alpha or mature. I understood how hidden from our own perception our LIES are. How I was nice because I thought everyone should be nice. And the premises of the book became more and more clear to me. Like if you want your gf to do something nice to you, ASK her, don't give something first expecthing she will guess or reprocitate.

    Also the book has some chapters about porn. But the more important chapter was about sex, how men lick their women pussies all the time, to make them orgasm and happy, which in turn stressed the shit out of women because they are EXPECTED to orgasm everytime. And how women are unhappy that they can't just use their penis for the thing?

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