Has anyone here given up music?

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by PersistAboveAll, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. Obviously quitting music is taking it too far, but i do get where this is coming from. I've had times when i would be playing hundreds of songs on shuffle, not always listening to the whole song, sometimes skipping ahead to my favorite part of a song, and i would definitely sense a dopamine rush while doing this.

    So i guess it's how you choose to listen to music. It's better that you listen and connect with a whole album and also that you don't let the music you listen to (depressive, more cheerful, etc) dictate your emotions. I don't think listening to music will ever have the negative impact that watching porn has, it's how you listen to.

    Something that i've recently been trying to do is listen to classical music, i find it really rewards your patience. It's has a different structure from contemporary music, it has long movements, it can be emotional but usually in a more subtle way. I'm really starting to like it, i've always looked at it as something snobby or elitist but this was just prejudice on my part.
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    Hip-hop's awesome
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    cant even compare PMO to listening to music! totally different for me. PMO is a drug!
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    As a musician, no.

    Please don't decide to cut yourself off from one of the most intimate and beautiful and varied art forms in existence.
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    Exactly. Like Boston said, PIED and music are in completely different areas of the brain. Just because it releases some amount of dopamine doesn't mean you're reinforcing PMO. That's a completely ignorant idea of brain function. Hugs release dopamine. So by the logic applied to giving up music, I need to give up hugs too.

    There is nothing wrong with listening to music with respect to PIED. Music CAN affect mood which can become a trigger. But that is NOT music, that's mood. Seeing a sad dog commercial can put you in a bad mood too.
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    I think this is a very interesting experiment. I did such experiment last year for a month and I intend to repeat it this year too. Here're my conclusions:

    - in the initial stage you hear a LOT of music in your head, you remember many of the songs you heard and this is very annoying at times since you cannot get rid of this melody from your thought, but after two or three weeks this stops
    - surprisingly your thinking is improved, your thoughts are more clear and more deep (it's like additional part of your brain power has been given back to you), I think you tire less, this might noticable if you're overloaded with intellectual work already, you won't feel exhausted by the end of the day,
    - you definetely notice dopamine release defficiency. This is not necessarily a good thing. From one hand you enjoy things a lot more, be more sociable etc.... on the other hand you seek novelty more vigorously and this cripples your attention span greatly...
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    I gave up media for one week last week for Lent. Now I can't listen to the radio in the car without getting irritated. I love all genres of music, but silence is nice and we more often have too little silence as opposed to too much.
  9. There is a very common misconception on this forum about dopamine. People learn that excess dopamine is one of the main causes behind their addiction and sexual dysfunction, so they think, "oh my God! I have to stay away from anything that releases dopamine." Dopamine is an essential neurotransmitter that causes you to anticipate rewards and gives you the motivation to engage in activities necessary for survival.

    Simply engaging in stimulating behavior (anything that raises dopamine levels) is not going to make your ED worse. It's a matter of what circuits are firing during the activity. Think about it, even hardcore video game addicts don't develop ED. The reason porn addicts develop ED is because they are exhausting the circuits that go directly from the brain to the penis, and conditioning their sexual response to porn. This doesn't mean you shouldn't reduce certain addictive behaviors like junk food or television, as these can make you feel depressed and make the likelihood for relapse higher. The thing you should care about, first and foremost, is cutting out porn. Porn caused the problem, so getting rid of it should reverse it.
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    Music is reversible but time is not ...

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