Has anyone here given up music?

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by PersistAboveAll, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. Actually, the worse i am psychologically, the less i gravitate towards music. The less intereTed i become. I always loved music but every time i've been in binge pmo mode, i just lose interest in it.
    Music got a strictly positive effect on me.

    Shiieed, even if 2livecrew was the only group i could listen to, i probably still would have played it out loud.
  2. LTE

    LTE Master Of My Domain

    My interest in, and enjoyment of, music is a barometer of my psyche. If I'm depressed music falls by the wayside. If I'm in a good, positive frame of mind music is all but insuperable from every moment of my life.
  3. hogus

    hogus Active Member

    I've found that listening to music less has helped my overall mood. If you listened to it basically all the time like I did then it will likely help to cut down but there's no need to give it up. There are no genetic temperamental natural music pathways that define our lives or anything like sex/porn, simply listening less is enough. It all depends on how often you listened before and what changes your brain decided to make based on it.
  4. hogus

    hogus Active Member

    The elephant in the room when it comes to rock/metal. Having listened to a lot of melodic hardcore, screamo, death metal and other depressing/extreme genres, it can definitely have an impact on your mood, anxiety etc. In moderation.
  5. nomorefapalexander

    nomorefapalexander New Member

    Listen to classical music. It is very therapeutic. You can't get too much of it.
  6. Stramanova

    Stramanova New Member

    I would never ever give up music. Music is one of the main reasons I enjoy life. I see listening, playing and composing music as one of the things I would give up pmo for.

    Edit: I listen to a great deal of alternative/progressive rock and some metal, and even though the atmosphere in the songs can be negative, it paradoxically elevates my mood and turns moments of emotional numbness into great emotional moments for me. I get easily irritated and bored when I have to listen for too long to music I don't like (most pop songs, house, ...).
  7. Crown

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    It seems like people are majorly misunderstanding how neurotransmitters and receptors work. Especially for addiction or habit forming and wiring.

    Just because you have some kind of dopamine release (if there is any release from music...) doesn't at all mean you're wiring towards P. Unless you're listening to audio P, you're wiring (again, IF at all) to that music or that song.

    I highly doubt that even degrading, sexually explicit music is releasing dopamine towards P. For one, whenever I listen to rap or hip hop I'm barely listening to the words. It's the beat, melody, tone and flow of the words that make the song. That's my opinion but I still doubt that it's doing anything to your receptors. I think that belief is born out of misinformation about dopamine receptors.
  8. hogus

    hogus Active Member

    Agreed but at the same time you absolutely can't deny that music releases dopamine. ALL rewarding behaviours are reinforced by dopamine. Studies have also shown that music raises dopamine.
  9. Crown

    Crown New Member

    I wouldn't deny dopamine is released. I don't believe that it releases such a huge spike like P does. Remember, P is so addictive because you have that constant variety of click click click. Music releases a lot of other neurotransmitters that are just as good, not just dopamine.
  10. Melbournelad

    Melbournelad New Member

    With all due respect, this is an extremely shortsighted view which demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge of hip hop.

    Go listen to Lupe Fiasco, Nas, 2pac, Slaughterhouse, Immortal Technique etc, then come back and proclaim that hip hop is all about "what cars and shoes they have".
  11. Melbournelad

    Melbournelad New Member

    This is a good point, although hopefully in the near future we see some studies look into this that confirm it.
  12. hogus

    hogus Active Member

    No but you probably listen to music much more than you watch porn. The NAc is activated by novelty and music certainly provides that. Orgasm also releases a lot of neurotransmitters which may or may not reinforce the effects of porn, I'm not sure what your point is there.
  13. Melbournelad

    Melbournelad New Member

    I think we should keep in mind what the "result" of the dopamine inducing activity is. Porn is a destructive habit which hasn't gotten us anywhere. Music however, can lead to a lot of production and happiness. It might release dopamine and I guess you could "crave it" to a certain degree, but what is the result of you listening to it? I mean for me listening to it (hip hop) when on the way to the gym, during the workout, before a sports match, even studying or preparing to approach a girl lol, it has provided an extra boost of energy and left me feeling "alpha" and more willing and able to participate in these activities. I guess moderation is key and you should try to limit any time you are just listening to music for the sake of it, but when coupled with a productive activity the benefits can be huge.
  14. boston

    boston New Member

    Everyone here knows that music appreciation occurs in a different part of the brain than sexual arousal, right? PIED sufferers aren't suffering from a dopamine shortage; the arousal pathway isn't triggering arousal based on normal sexual stimuli. Musical dopamine use is not taking away from your sexual arousal. Porn took away your sexual arousal.

    I can't see how adjusting music intake can have any effect on your sexual arousal/response, unless you have some extremely rare neurological disorder where the two pathways are somehow intertwined... in which case you would have been able to have spontaneous orgasms from listening to music.
  15. Boston is right.
    I dont remember the article at the moment, but i think i read that food overlapped with sex on like 12% on the nerve cells (correct me if im wrong). So basically, those who are so desperate to avoid dopamine release that they want to quit music should rather focus on NOT EATING.
    Pardon my sarcasm. You got the point.
  16. Fapper3

    Fapper3 Guest

    agree! stop listening to low frequency commercial rubbish ...crap like R&B, Hip hop and electro ...anything thats on tv



    Forget giving up music....It's the TV you wanna give up because that fries your brian way more than music! stop watching it. TV influences you way worse
  17. Fiddler

    Fiddler Active Member

    This. And aimlessly browsing the Web or spending hours on social networks: useless and damaging.
  18. nomorefapalexander

    nomorefapalexander New Member

    This. I've been addicted to many of this songs that don't have any meaning, and just talk about sex, drugs, and drinking. I was feeling it like a sort of escapism. There is so much classical music for example, but people never listen to it. They choose to ignore it.
  19. Stramanova

    Stramanova New Member

    Even if the text is rubbish, the instrumental part and singing itself can be really good.
  20. Gazpar14

    Gazpar14 New Member

    If you are going to listen instrumentals, go try to listen to Two StepS From Hell. They are awesome.

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