Hard flaccid over edging over pumped

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Is this permanent?

  1. Yes

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  2. Yes, but treatable

  3. Yes, but never back to 100%

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  4. No, will go away on it own, just need a break

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  5. No but have to do a buncha stuff to fix it

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  6. No but can never have crazy week long edging session

  1. NewHere

    NewHere New Member


    sooooo….been watching porn since high school, now 34, got used to edging ALOT all the time, felt really good, never had any pain
    Tried to quit many times, only once in my life I went a few months without it, and got super powers (not kidding)
    Anyway, past 6 months started buying toys, trying out new things, EDGING ALOT
    Got introduced to Viagra, used it for sex at first then tried it myself…
    Also got a penis pump, that’s when things got bad, went on a week long edging run, was using semenax(saw it on porn hub) to increase volume (more jizz) did viagra every day, (without orgasm) and used penis pump probably way to much
    So I was on my 7th day of this fun run…
    I would go for an hour or so, then take a break, then back at it, this went on for 5, 6, 7, hours some days.
    At this point I had also spent about $1000 on web cam girls, mostly TS girls, and I’m not even gay, (I don’t think anyway)
    It’s just regular porn got to boring, I mean I’ve been watching it for 20 years, I got into the hypno comp stuff so I’m sure my head is all fucked up right now but anyway
    I was about 1 click away from buying one of those TS girls a plane ticket to come see me
    (Maybe not a bad idea, if it wasn’t for the addiction part, oh yeah and forgot the part that I have a beautiful gf who I love)
    Soooo here I am ready to explode after a week of all this, oh and I forgot to mention I also started playing w little butt toys
    So I was putting all kinds of pressure on my pelvic region and everything
    Anyway I go to cum and a sharp pain shoots thru and only very little semen comes out, I was so confused so I waited a little then went again, but at this point is was kind of hurting and When I came again barely any semen came out and sharp pain afterwards

    also right as I’m about to cum my penis would like inflate to way bigger than it’s ever been, which was really great but at what expense, painful erection and orgasms for the rest of my life??? Wonderful! I mean I’ve done some stupid shit in my life but this is a new fucking stupid record! And now 2 days later I haven’t even touched my dick, it just sitting here in pain and got this whole flaccid hard going on that I never even heard of

    I mean when I think about it, you take a penis pump viagra semenax and $1000 to spend on porn and webcam girls.
    damn it basically feels like my penis imploded
    I went to the ER, the doctor there looked at me like I was stupid and said he doesn’t see anything wrong.
    I made an appointment w a urologist but from what I’m reading online none of that is going to help.
    So I’m going to try to go without any play and do all these stretches I found and see if after a couple weeks the pain goes away.
    This is really scary, it really feels like I sprained the inside of my little guy or even tore something. Like, you that really good feeling when you tighten up and it feels really good?? We’ll now, when I do that, sharp pain shoots throughout my dick!

    Anyone delt w anything similar? Am I permanently fuckkeddd?!? It’s funny even though my dick hurts right now, all I wanna do is go online and get back at it, just to see if it would be painful.
    Any experience strength and hope, anyone?
    Any creams or special things I can do to try and fix this?

    Would sounding help?

    Or also I know poppers are bad for u but they really relax every thing down there and make for a more fluid orgasm, you think that would help? Also, do I need to have my dick drained? Is there blood stuck in it??
    Anyway, please help, this is day 3 and I’m freaking out

    also …anyone else not gay but loves TS girls??? Ha
  2. Pedro Delgado

    Pedro Delgado Member

    You won't believe it, but your story is similar to a guy I worked with; fortunately, after some hard work, he could fix it and enjoy his sex life again without having any problem. How does hard flaccid affect your relationships?
  3. NewHere

    NewHere New Member

    What kind of hard work? Relationship is fine but no sex
  4. Pedro Delgado

    Pedro Delgado Member

    Well, the first thing was finding the inner root of his problem, and then, elaborate a plan of action to fix it so that he made sure not to develop hard flaccid again.
    So it's affecting your relationship regarding sex, right? How does it make you feel when you cannot get it up?
  5. NewHere

    NewHere New Member

    Well soooo I kinda probably see it differently than most people. It’s not a problem for me sexually, it’s kinda her problem. It’s not my job to get it up,. That’s her job. That’s just how I see it. The problem is that it made it feel different, hard it feels different and the orgasms are different. It’s like never 100% anymore and it’s not as big as it used to be and I haven’t really had sex since. Been a couple months now. I still masterbate opening to see a change and it’s still there, what do I do?
    is it fixable? Don’t get me wrong I’d love to be able to just get hard automatically like I used to in my 20 but I kinda gave up on that.
    As far as root of the problem I’m guess it’s porn addiction. Idk,…
  6. Mr.J

    Mr.J New Member

    How are you doing now bud ?
  7. Donnyy

    Donnyy New Member

    Hope you feel better now! It's good that you went to the doctor, at least he can monitor your condition if something goes wrong again. I would not be very fond of Viagra, because it is not known what consequences may be in the future because of this. About the fact that you like TS - even my girlfriend likes them. Such people are for everyone, so to speak.

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