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Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by ButSeriously, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. gojoego

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    Yes Phil Collins!! haha I'm a fan.

    Something I read on here, and its helped me have a breakthrough.

    - Having too much time on my hands leads to me relapsing -

    I'm the same! In the past when I've gone to the most extreme porn/webcam stuff its been when I've had time on my hands. Like right now for example, my gf has gone to work, I've come on here with an hr to spare, and have been sooo tempted to bash the old bishop. I'm really gonna make an effort to fill up every hour of my day so I dont tempt myself.

    Cheers man.
  2. ButSeriously

    ButSeriously New Member

    I've realized my motivation has gone to zero after yesterday. I don't remember the exact term for it, but after I ejaculated yesterday I masturbated again today because I hadn't completely cleared myself and the temptation roared back quickly. I didn't lust to anything but I still had a lot of temptation in my mind from feeling the need to ejaculate again. At this point I should be fine for a few days, but will have to continue watching it.

    Yesterday I switched my home page from Facebook to a blank page to help on cutting down lust as I mentioned in my last post, and today after relapsing again set a goal of 120 days without PMO before I try to get a girlfriend. At this point I would finish on September 2nd without any relapses, which is about a week after school starts in the fall. I know from experience that summer can be difficult because of the extra time on my hands as other users in this thread have stated. I want to finish as early as possible, because on September 2nd I will have just settled back in and will be ready to start looking for a girlfriend. I have some girls in mind, but didn't want to ask yet since I have finals next week and it would have been to close to the end of the year. I'm hoping this encourages me to stick with it and remember what is at stake.
  3. ButSeriously

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    I masturbated again earlier today. It was probably the most uncontrollable one I've had in a long time- almost like I was on autopilot and couldn't resist it. I just had that temptation again this evening, but got on this forum and shook the mental temptation. It looks like it's got a lot harder since the other day when I first masturbated after 35 days, so I'll have to watch it even more.
  4. Ballboy11

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    yeah man, when I MO after several weeks without, its like I go on a 3 day binge of fapping, no porn but still. Then if I can get through one day without an O, i'm back in reboot mode. I'm currently on day 4 since my last MO stint.
  5. ButSeriously

    ButSeriously New Member

    First post in a while. I had the same cycle for a while of a month no PMO followed by one relapse that led to several others that were only about a day apart. Right now I'm only on day 2 and had a lot of temptation already today. I'm hoping to regain the momentum I used to have.

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