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    This thread got ugly. There are shampoos that may work. Interesting point on hacking off and losing hair. That’s the first time I heard that. I have read that consuming bone broth may help
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    I already tried a lot against my hair loss but nothing really worked.
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  3. gavney

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    Old thread but I thought I'd throw in my experience since I've been going bald since I was 24 (33 now). The following are the only things that have been proven to work:

    1. Regaine (minoxidil) - though the results might be minimal, esp if you have very aggressive MPB (Male pattern baldness)
    2. Finasteride - Pill you can take. It potentially has negative side affects. But it has been shown to work at preventing further baldness, though it apparently won't help to regrow hair already lost
    3. Hair Transplant. If done well they can look great. Some celebrities look better after a hair transplant, some actually look worse

    I tried option 1 for about 4 years. Did it work? I've no idea! It's really hard to measure if it's working as you don't know how much hair you'd be losing if it didn't. I found it a real pain to put on and greasy. The fact I wasn't sure it was working made me give up. Option 2 is supposed to be very effective. I tried it for 6 months but the possibility of side affects was worrying me more than hair loss!
    I've never tried option 3 but I've considered it.
    Tbh, my baldness is quite obvious at this stage (though only at the front), so it would be really noticeable if I got a HT. And i know it's sad but I'd actually be more embarrassed about people knowing I spent 10K on a HT than knowing I'm going bald.
    I've learned to accept baldness and I get my hair cut very short, though not shaved (as that doesn't suit me really).
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    Try coconut oil.
  5. Ralph McDonald

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    Hair loss can be caused by different reasons. I experienced hair loss a year ago and since it is hereditary my father also experienced it and I started using everything. The things that truly worked for me was:

    Keeping it clean, try to avoid stress.
    Increase intake of vitamin A, B, E and more iron.
    Massage is the most effective way to stimulate circulation of blood near roots.
    Massage your scalp with onion juice or garlic juice which really works
    Likewise you should use some herbal treatment that helps to prevent hair loss.
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    If a person is already bald then it cannot be treated with any kind of medicine for hair grow there is only one option left i.e hair transplant, but a healthy hairs start falling at young age and he/she is getting Bald then it can be said that there are some medicine to stop hair fall and for healthy hairs like as Generic minoxidil, Generic Propecia, Herbal oil which mostly recommended just because of no side effects, etc etc. It depend upto us to decide which treatment we would like to go for,only after doctor consultation

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