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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by lylemcd, Feb 25, 2016.

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    Interesting article...
  2. lylemcd

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    great how about a quick summation?
  3. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    Buddy, my hair comes down to my shoulders, I'm not bald lol. I've got friends who are bald and they dealt with it like men, i.e they didn't get caught up trying to look for magical shampoos and believing in fairytales.
  4. lylemcd

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    I know guys like you, do the comb over and have some long hair....LOL

    just deal with facts and give science and stop the REAL MAN, opinion, shit
  5. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    Don't be stupid, I have so much hair that I could spare enough to cover both you and that other guy's head. I have my sides shaved with dreadlocks coming down to my shoulder very similar to this style

    So how the fuck would I need to do a comb over or be in the same boat as you guys? Please don't try and paint me as some bald guy, I find it very offensive.

    I'm trying to help you come to terms with it and give you second hand experience of guys that I do know who went bald early and took it on the chin. They even manage to laugh at themselves and make jokes to me about it and call themselves slap heads and Uncle Fester.One that is my favourite that my friend says to me jokily ''well if you got dreadlocks, then I've got baldilocks that you can't see'' lol.
  6. lylemcd

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    dont be stupid
    no one wants your "help"
    you come off like a lil girl, throwing around your feelings and emotions,
    stick to science and facts, no one cares about your personal feelings and opinions(which is what you are sharing)
    come to terms with that.
  7. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    Why did you create a thread if you didn't want help? Should have kept things to yourself if you didn't want opinions considering this is a public forum, which is something that has gone over your head - pun intended.
  8. lylemcd

    lylemcd Member

    I wanted facts/opinions about the topics i noted in the 1st post,
    not someones thoughts about other topics
    this is a public forum? so you think you can ask peoples opinions? so if some lil boy starts spoutng off on a different topic,, thats ok
    its not
    learn some manners and go start a new thread if you want...
  9. thegooch

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    Ok, to try to get this back on track...

    Assuming the hair loss is male pattern baldness (not due to some other ailment), your best bet is what is named the "Big Three":

    1) Minoxodil
    2) Finasteride (propecia)
    3) Nizoral

    All three used together give you the best shot. No shampoo on its own is going to stop hair loss. The Nizoral though provides the best environment for your hair and has shown to very slightly inhibit DHT in the scalp. But the Minox and finasteride do most of the heavy lifting.

    Any other unproven treatments will likely waste your time and money.
  10. lylemcd

    lylemcd Member

    good opinions bra.
    # 2) Finasteride (propecia) might cause you issues


    since the medical community is all about helping you and NOT about money
  11. Julianna Blevins

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    I think trying before trying any product you should try some home remedies. If they work (definitely will) then its good but doesn't then talk to a doctor. Because trying something that you do not know much about can make you fall in trouble,
  12. Skywalker11

    Skywalker11 One day at a time

    propecia or finasteride works. I have been taking it for three months. no side effects. it is a very small pill that I take daily and it prevents further hair loss. It doesn't really cause hair to grow back although it can do that. It simply stops further loss. I think I have had some hair grow back though so maybe it depends on when it starts for you. I was very early in the balding process, basically just thinning on top. I have long hair now. propecia (finasteride) works and no side that I can tell so far.
  13. lylemcd

    lylemcd Member

    yeah well some guys get ED issues from that (stuff) so google it
  14. lylemcd

    lylemcd Member

    what home remedies?
  15. Skywalker11

    Skywalker11 One day at a time

    I don't need to google anything, it works for me with no side effects
  16. lylemcd

    lylemcd Member

  17. Skywalker11

    Skywalker11 One day at a time

    Maybe. I've googled the side effects and have talked extensively with my dermatologist about this
  18. lylemcd

    lylemcd Member

    yeah, I'm sure there are guys like you who never have any issues, my guy (ken buchwald, md )
    told me that only like 1-3% of guys have ED issues f rom finestride/propecia
    but there are issues

    and lots of guys get ED from using it
    so, goodluck......
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  19. Skywalker11

    Skywalker11 One day at a time

    Right, I know all about the side effects.

    I just had a two month binge where I had sex three times a day at a minimum. No ED yet. It could happen, you're right.
  20. FreakyButPractical

    FreakyButPractical it isn't personal

    I've been fighting a losing battle against baldness since I was 17. I've thrown money at hair fibres and caffeine shampoos but now I just use the fibres to fill out the thin parts over winter and skin it over summer!

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