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    I'm brand new here and having a bit of trouble figuring out how to do varies things, like setting up my Day Counter - I already screwed that up because it now shows "0" days when this is actually day one - and this is important. Here's the deal - I am 75 years old and I am FINALLY taking steps to stop my LLLOOOOONNNNNNGGGG history of porn addiction! My first JO was 60 years ago, and my last was yesterday. My longest streak recently was 8 days, so that's why one day, in the counter, is meaningful. I'm going for a 90 day reboot. Today I feel very hopeful about stopping this addiction. I have been reading lots of postings on the site and I was especially taken with WilliamOneAndDone's HSIP 101 thread. This posting is a GIGANTIC step for me since I have never shared any of this addiction with ANYONE......EVER. I am thrilled to have actually made a commitment to myself to get back on the rails.......

    Is there a "How To" for new members?
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    Welcome aboard! Read read, read other men's journals if you can. I salute your desire to quit pmo! The journals you read may answer a lot of your questions. No one judges you here so feel free to interact. I know it would be so easy to continue pmo so the stance you have taken is heroic! Again welcome !!!!!
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    Bobo - thank you SO MUCH for your reply and well wishes. After I posted I thought “these guys are going to think I’m pathetic! Who jerks for 60+ years” . It feels great to finally started coming to grips with this problem. It is great to know I won’t be judged! “Heroic” - I like that!
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    For me it's the opposite as well: I'm really impressed you come here to beat this addiction while you're 75. Huge respect @KnowNoNow and welcome on board! :)
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    Gil, thanks for your welcome AND thanks for the GREAT "my thoughts" posting. There is so much in that post that makes incredible sense. Day 2 and I'm reading the posts instead of JO while I have a guaranteed "Free time" window when my wife is otherwise occupied. Typically I would be porning! Thanks again!
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    Outsider - WOW! thank you so much for those inspiring words. I'm sure, from reading other's posts, that I may well need them in the days/weeks/months to come.
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    Outsider. Turning Simple Disciplines Into Massive Success

    We all need, AND GET a lot of support here. As @Bobo wrote, no one will judge you here :)
    Take care.

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