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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by rebooting, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. rebooting

    rebooting Member

    I had great sex today. I was having foreplay with a girl and got a rock hard erection. We did a missionary position and we had deep intimacy while doing it. I really felt connected emotionally with the girl. Within 10 minutes, I got so turned on by her that I reached orgasm. I used to have terrible delayed ejaculation, but it was no problem here.

    Ejaculating in a girl nullifies everything that MO or PMO can offer. It feels downright satisfying. I had some succesful sex for the past two months. One bad moment in-between but I was stressed and not in the mood at the time. Overall, I'm healed from desensitization and delayed ejaculation. I've got no need for porn anymore, only real sex with real girls.

    Porn can never replace real intimacy.
  2. InChristAlone

    InChristAlone porn gave me a limp noodle too, Gabe haha

    do you find that you stay hard while giving her oral? Im still not quite there yet :/
  3. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Unfortunately a lot of us dont get to experience this and end up relapsing. Its key to have an intimate partner.
  4. rebooting

    rebooting Member

    I get a boner from giving her oral. It really turns me on to taste her juice. Rewiring with girls is necessary to truly heal. Nofap is just a phase to overcome the urges to masturbate. Nofap doesn't fix desensitization. Only abstinence from porn and rewiring with a girl can do that. I did the cold turkey method multiple times but it doesn't work without rewiring.

    Finding a girl that you care about helps, but the main problem with a random girl isn't porn but performance anxiety. The more you rely on (P)MO, the less likely you think you're deserving of sex. Performance anxiety is IMO caused by low self-esteem. If you PMO, you are in full control. If you are with a girl, you might be worried to fail. You want to prevent embarrassment. That worrying is the cause of performance anxiety. I had sex for quite a while before I stopped doing that. Porn and MO is not the real cause of ED after a long period of abstinence. The inability to relax and enjoy is the cause. Once you are able to clear your mind and open up to receive sex, it will work. It's not easy and takes time, but you need to rewire as much as possible. I see a lot of guys abstaining forever and hope that they will lose the sexual dysfunction, but it will not go away unless you rewire. They will advise you to abstain longer, which will lead to false hope. If you abstained for 3 or 4 months cold turkey, you need to rewire.

    It took nearly 2 years before I found out what worked. Don't waste your time abstaining for a year or even longer. Abstain until the urges to fap go away. Then, rewire and keep doing it. I can now have sex and ejaculate in her every time, being a former ED and chronic delayed ejaculation sufferer. She doesn't need to be a special girl. A random girl will do. I'd go as far as to say a random girl is even better for rewiring because she will make you get used to sex and make you relax on the long term.
  5. RoryMac

    RoryMac Guest

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I haven't rewired yet but I also think that it is crucial for success. Your story keeps up my hope that I might recover too one day.
  6. rebooting

    rebooting Member

    Porn is a coping mechanism to deal with a void in our lives. Like alcohol and cigarettes. Setting up goals helps to distract yourself from pornography.
  7. InChristAlone

    InChristAlone porn gave me a limp noodle too, Gabe haha

    aright cool thanks man. again, congrats on the success.
  8. Fiddler

    Fiddler Active Member

    Thanks for sharing man, great to hear you fixed your issues. I'd go as far as saying that rewiring is as important as rebooting for 3-4 months. Cold turkey is necessary, then rewiring is the path.
  9. rebooting

    rebooting Member

    I had sex again today. I had a 100% erection in 10 seconds. Then we had sex and I ejaculated in missionary position. Nowadays, I don't even worry about getting an erection or reaching orgasm. I just know they will happen. Instead, I enjoy sex.

    A part of rewiring is getting rid of performance anxiety. Once you get erections and orgasms with a girl, you will stop worrying. Desensitization is a thing but a psychological factor shouldn't be underestimated.
  10. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Nice one mate. sounds like the results have lasted
  11. rebooting

    rebooting Member

    Thanks, gameover. Like Fiddler said, cold turkey for a couple of months is necessary, but rewiring recreated the missing link between me and a girl. It made me associate real sex with the buildup of sexual tension until orgasm.
  12. Chudd

    Chudd Member

    I'm right there with you, rebooting. No PMO is only the initial phase, you must rewire with a girl to truly be healed.

    Three months ago I was always limp during 'sex', but my GF was super supportive and knew all about my PIED, and now I'm successfully pounding her pussy each and every time with many Os to be had between the two of us.
  13. Pornfreesmee

    Pornfreesmee Member

    Rebooting what is your libido like? Did you regain it after abstinence, or has rewiring brought it back or has it not come back at all? I have not watched porn in over 5 years, still don't have libido and don't have full erections.
  14. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    This is an issue for most unfortunately.
  15. rebooting

    rebooting Member

    My libido towards a real girl is totally different to MO. When I MO'd a lot, I would wake up in the middle of the night and in the morning getting irresistible uges. My penis was completely insensitive. Now I don't get urges at all anymore. The daily urges are gone forever. When I make out with a girl, I get a full erection. It stays erect. I used to have severe delayed ejaculation. When I started to rewire, I had to do my best to reach orgasm. Now, I feel intercourse very well. I can control it and delay ejaculation at will. A year ago, I wouldn't reach orgasm at all. Now I can either finish in 2 minutes or control it and delay it over and over until I ejaculate at will.

    MO addiction has fake libido that made me want to fap. My real libido doesn't pressure me. My sex drive only activates when I have sex. I was confused when I did nofap for such a long time and didn't get urges. Now I know that the urges are supposed to be absent. Those urges were addiction urges, not real libido. When I see a very cute girl next to me, I do get turned on because she causes the arousal. But when I'm alone, I don't get urges. That's how it should be.
  16. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    That's a sign you're rebooted, for realz.
  17. rebooting

    rebooting Member

    Not only did my sexual dysfunctions go away, my social skills returned after rewiring. They drastically increased. I really enjoy having them again. My work, private life and public behavior improved a lot. After a more than a year of feelig down, I feel great now.
  18. bikeguy

    bikeguy Member

    Wow, thanks for the good post man. I think it offers some of the best advice on here and gives a lot of us hope.

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