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    Hey guys. I have been on this site for more than a year now. I have had a few streaks.. longest one was around 2 months it's nothing I know. I'm 28 years old and my story has been almost the same as other guys here. Like watching porn and fapping since I was 11-12 don't remember exactly but it's been constant since then. Leaving me with ED ruining my life in many different ways. And I know it's bad for me like it has and will destroy my life completely I know it. But still I'm not being able to leave this habit for good. I need some serious help guys. I'm not very good at writing and explaining things but I really need help I got to leave watching porn and masturbation. I hope my brain don't trick me this time into all of that again
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    Hey there. Well, making streaks is not the important thing here, but realizing why you want to give it up and really give it up. Not just "I will do it now and later can return to porn"
    Try searching verius videos like "your brain on porn".
    Or you could start with this one:
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    Welcome back to the grind. Though relapses can feel terrible, the mere fact that you recognize what has happened is progress in and of itself!

    As WiseHermit said, you need to know your reason to cease watching porn. Once you have that, then its a matter of figuring out how to block it from your view, develop a good habit to replace porn, taking the time to cleanse your system and "reboot" your brain, and then rewire your pleasure receptors in your brain for real sex with real women (i.e. not porn or fantasies of real women).

    I can't tell you what your reason is. Maybe it's something as simple as: "I'm not the person I want to be, and I want to be a better me."??

    I can help you more with the blocking of porn. You said you've had some streaks, but you've relapsed? Have you been blocking porn from yourself online? By this I mean, childproofing your computer, making webpages inaccessible, etc. Try getting some blocking software and also take a peek here (paragraph 11):

    Part of the reboot that has really helped me was making it so difficult to get back to viewing porn that I would be able to catch myself even if I had a moment of weakness.

    Next would be to develop a replacement habit. To do that, we need to know what triggers you're viewing of porn in the first place. For me, it was whenever I was bored in front of the computer or stressed out about work/life, my default was to rub one out and then tackle the problem. So I needed to hack that feedback loop and put in place an alternative. It won't be fun at first, because your brain wants the thing it's been using for X amount of time; but over time you will begin to use this new habit to help you through the urge to relapse. Depending on the habit, you also develop a new skill! (for me it's learning piano)

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