Got addicted during lockdown and now doing my best to get rid of this addiction!

Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by Equi|ibrium, Jul 5, 2022.

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    Hey everyone!
    I'm a 21 yo college student who only recently fell into this trap of PMO (Feb 5th of 2021). Well, looking back it feels recent but it's sucked 1.5 years off of me! I've been trying to fight this addiction for over an year actually - but didn't find much success with it, my highest streaks were only 12 days each.

    Upon reading the journals and stories of many other users who struggle with / beat the addiction, they always say that porn isn't the issue in itself and that It's something else. Well for me personally I come from a very loving family and am blessed with a really good friend circle! I only fell into this trap (and continue to repeat) because of curiosity and the time I decided this wasn't good for me it was too late:(

    Another user here suggested that I create a journal to keep track of my progress and share my experience with others saying that would help me in my fight against PMO, so I've created this journal to try it out!!
    My 3 main issues when it comes to beating this addiction are:
    1) Curiosity
    2) Boredom
    3) I KEEP FORGETTING HOW DETERMINED I WAS after each relapse

    I know that PMO is bad for me, but when the urge hits I feel like it's a wonderful idea to relapse lol and the hard thing about this addiction is that it does feel good, but everything is so artificial and just plain wrong that it should be avoided at all costs. My pea brain somehow skips the latter part :mad:

    Well that is all, looking forward to beating this addiction once and for all:)
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  2. Equi|ibrium

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    Day 5.
    It's smooth sailing atm. I couldn't ask for better!
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