Gone through hell, and now invincible

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  1. I realized something was wrong with me when I was 20 years old.

    When I was in my early teens (13-14) I was a very social person, and well-liked by many. My penis was functioning normally, but I never had sex at that this age. I faced some difficulties when I was around 15 years old, and started isolating myself from others. I got heavily involved into gaming, and also in porn. I stopped caring about personal hygiene, and was a rather disgusting person not many people wanted to associate with for a while.
    I started watching all type of digusting shit and got really desentized about sex. When I was around 17 years old I faced some of my challenges, and got back to normal again. I started hanging out with people again, and became my normal self again. I started caring about how I looked again. But with one major difference, I was really insecure about sex. I avoided sex with girls, even if I had the offers. Think some people was already questioning why I was avoiding having sex, because I was quite good looking.

    Eventually I had the balls to go for it when I was around 19-20 years old, but it did not work. I could get hard, but it went limp again very quickly. I needed constant stimulation to be hard because of all the desentization. I figured out something was wrong with me. My first sexual experience was the worst day of my life, because I could not have intercouse, and I did not know why.
    All type of theories was going thorugh my head. Was I asexual? Was there something physical wrong with me? Am I gay? I was rock bottom for a whole year, and I was even considering ending it all. I completely changed personality when I found out I was limp, I did not respect myself, and people stopped respecting me also. I was a walking zombie for a whole year.

    After one year I found out about the effects of porn. I joined this website, and started rebooting. I finally had hope, a cure. I had life spirit again. I was so determined to cure myself that I went half a year without masturbating. But I did not had the balls to try having sex again, I was terrified that someone would find about my problem. I come from a small town, and people talk. In fact I did not try to have sex for over a year after I found out I had a porn addiction. Because my morning wood never came back, and I thought it might be something physical instead of something mentally. Anyway I never went back to porn.
    I eventually moved out from my small town, and started studying in a bigger city. I was now 21 years old, and never had a successful intercourse in my life. I hated my life. I had stopped caring about this website, I thought it did not work, but I was still keeping away from porn. I was just masturbating by mental pictures in my head.

    I bought some cialis online, and I eventually took a girl home with me. And it worked. I was rock hard for the whole night. I had sex for the first time in my life, and it worked. At the age of 21, but there was still one problem. I was relying on ED drugs at the age of 21 to have sex.
    I was continuing having one night stand with cialis, sometimes it worked, and sometimes it did not. It really dependent on how much alcohol I was drinking that night. From 21 to 24 my sex life was relying on cialis and one night stands. I decided to quit with the ED drugs, because obviously mixing drugs and alcohol is not healthy. Another problem was that I could not ejeculate with the drugs, and my penis was not sensitive at all.
    Eventually I found a girlfriend, and I felt safe with her. The problem was that I could not have sex without cialis, and especially not with condoms. She did not want to have sex without condom. I was rather insecure without the cialis. But she did not give up on me, and eventually I could even ejaculate with the condom on.

    After 4-5 years in hell, I was finally free. I feel like nothing can stop me now. I've been rock bottom mentally, and I think after surviving this, It feels like I can overcome any obstacle in my life. I originally stopped posting here 5 years ago, but it felt like I needed to give something back to you guys, and show that this actually works. It can be a long and troublesome journey, but there's a big pay off at the end of the road.
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    How is your ed and morning wood now? As in are you taking ed drugs now?
  3. 6 years ago I could not even maintain an erection for more than 2-3 seconds without constant rubbing. I had a horrible case of PIED.

    Now I don't have any signs of ED. I can stay hard for more than 30-60 seconds without even touching myself. I don't use any drugs anymore, stopped using them around 2 years ago. I usually
    also use condoms while having sex, and I am able to ejaculate with condoms on. Never thought I would recover that well.

    Usually have morning wood after a night of sex. Usually don't have morning wood if I did not have sex the night before. I'm not sure why that's a correlation, but atleast it is.
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    So good to hear. Thanks for sharing!
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    What is the ideal reference for having g a morning wood? Should it be there regularly?
  6. No problem mate. I just felt like needed to share this story since I was cured. I have a suspicion a lot of people leave this site when they are cured, and never tell their success story. Think it was about time
    I shared mine. I've been completely cured for 2 years now. Be free my friend.
  7. There's not a definite answer for that. Some people have a normal sex life without morning wood at all. Before I started watching porn I had morning wood every morning, but this was when I was 13-14 years old with raging hormones.
    When I was deep into porn, I never had morning wood. Now my morning wood come and go as I earlier stated. My morning wood definitely got better after I was cured. I've read stories here with people being cured without even having morning wood at all. I don't think you should be to focused on the morning wood itself.

    Edit: Read that If you have the same sleep rhythm every night, it's a bigger possibility to wake up with morning wood. Some periods I wake up with morning wood everyday, some periods I wake up with morning 1-2 times a week. Like I said, there's not a definite answer.
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    Did you felt like you drained a lot of your energy by getting into this PMO. and regretting latter that you have wasted a lot of energy and lost vitality. I always feel that way.
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    How long does the intimacy lasts now?
  10. Yes. PMO fucked up my sleep rhythm and my energy level. Anyway, my biggest regret is that I wasted so much of my youth not being sexual active. I believe sex is one of our fundamental needs, and I never felt fullfilled as a person without it.
  11. It depends. On average 5-10 minutes.
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  12. Congratulations man.
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    Do you have it more than once a day?

    And do you feel tired after it?

    And what is your age now?
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    Well done!

    We all love a success story.

    We all also long for failure stories.

    It reminds us we are human.

    If you ever feel you fall off course again,

    Dont beat yourself up,

    Give yourself a smile and say, oh yes I can hear my destiny calling.

    In Jesus name Amen
  15. Sorry that I never answered you. Obviously I am not a lot on this site anymore since I am fully recovered. I am 27 years old, when I posted this I was 26. I have no problems having sex more than once per day.
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  16. Thanks, I am not a religious person, but I appreciate your words.
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    Do you still masturbate?
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    Well, you did recover. Congratulations. Enjoy lots of sex, treasure that shit
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    That’s an amazing story, congratulations. Really shows us that it can take a long time for some guys. Just to make sure I read correctly, did it take you 4-5 years to heal from PIED?
  20. Maybe my favorite success story. Such powerful and inspiring words. Congratulations!

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