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Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by Plastic, May 2, 2017.

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    Hello people, I'm 27 y/o and for years now I'm trying to quit porn and safely but surely I keep relapsing.

    I believe the main reason is the unlimited internet access. No matter how well I do with NoPMO, eventually the walls crumble and somehow I end up smashing the rock bottom again. I believe this entire challenge would be a million times more easy if I wasn't exposed to my laptop every single day with it's social media, dating apps ect

    So, I'm seriously playing with the idea of just selling my laptop and phone and getting one of those cheap old school phones for general purposes, for at least a year or so so I can be sure I'm out of the cycle.

    How does one do it in this day and age? I imagine having issues with extreme boredom and disconnect but hey, my porn usage has made a recluse of me as it is so maybe that would force me to step up to life or officially lose my shit. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this the best way?

    I've tried porn blockers and all that btw, it never works in the long run.
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    Keep your laptop. Laptops are awesome. Just use it with intention. Decide in advance what you need to do online, do it, then turn it off. Limit 'surfing' to, say, an hour a day, or if you want to go hardcore, an hour a week.

    And try putting it in a different room. And keep that room clean physically and... spiritually.

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