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    Hey guys.
    I’ve been reading these forums ever since starting my no PMO journey. Today marks 90 days of my no PMO journey and i can honestly say, I feel near the end of this crazy rollercoaster.

    I just signed up to this forum so that I can give back what you all have given me - my life back. Throughout this adventure, I have always looked at what people were going through and never did anything to give back. Now that I believe I’m near the end of my journey, it’s important for me to let you all know what I have experienced throughout my 90 days.

    It’s important to mention that I’m a Christian and I’m still a virgin. I’m 22. First started masturbating at 10 through prone masturbation. Never really masturbated the conventional way. Each fap session would last at least 45 mins long. Started watching softcore porn at 13-14 and started watching porn at 15+. Since then I had always masturbated every second day. Some days I could masturbate in consecutive days but barely.

    A month before my 22nd birthday, after 2 fap sessions where i realised my erections weren’t 100% (80-90%), i found out I had PIED and stopped immediately. I started reading people’s forums and stories and was so inspired by their transformation and success that it motivated me to want to be like them.

    After two days of beginning my abstinence jouney, I PM but didn’t O. My erection was 80-90% but I felt like i needed to O just after 2 mins.

    Ever since then, I havent PMO’d. Throughout the 90 days, I havent rewired with a girl through intercourse but I never really felt like I needed to. I have a lot of girls that are my friends. Now and then I would hang out with them but I felt like I never needed to be too intimate with a girl and simple playful conversation was enough to help with my situation.

    I’m not saying people shouldn’t have sex to rewire. In fact, I believe it’s much better to rewire with a girl through sexual intercourse regardless of my religious views. What I am trying to say though is that try to at least not to PMO because that for me alone was enough. Maybe I am not a serious case like some people but that shouldn’t matter.

    What makes a dream become a reality is not by the end result but by taking the first step so keep true to your dream and believe in it. The darkest nights make the brightest stars so shine brighter than the sun!

    I started my journey because i was so inspired by so many people who struggled.

    Just because you’re struggling, doesn’t mean you’re not inspiring.
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